Here’s why #भाजपा_प्रवक्ता_रुबिका is trending; ABP anchor Rubika Liyaquat reacts after Ramdev called ‘Lala’ by Congress spokesperson


ABP News TV anchor Rubika Liyaquat has become a topic of intense discussion in Twitter causing #भाजपा_प्रवक्ता_रुबिका to trend on the microblogging site Twitter. This was after the controversial TV anchor faced condemnation from Congress supporters for her reaction to Ramdev being addressed as ‘Lala (businessman)’ by a spokesperson from India’s largest opposition party.

While taking part in a TV debate, Ragini Nayak took a potshot at Ramdev and said, “Had  Dr. Harsh Vardhan (India’s health minister) shown the same kind of swiftness in dealing with the corona management the way he has reacted to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, the country’s condition wouldn’t be so bad today. We wouldn’t have seen such a trail of deaths and destruction.”

Nayak then reminded how Harsh Vardhan had held a joint press conference to promote Coronil, produced by Ramdev’s Patanjali. She said, “The same Harsh Vardhan was promoting Coronil with Lala Ramdev. The same Lala Ramdev was saying that doctors died even after getting two doses of vaccines. He (Ramdev) then said that no one’s fathers had capabilities to arrest me (after FIRs were filed against him).”

Reacting to Nayak’s use of ‘Lala’ for Ramdev, Liyaquat said, “You can call Baba Ramdev ‘Lala Ramdev’ but you should tell us about ‘Baba Rahul Gandhi’.”

Taking a dim view of Liyaquat’s seemingly disparaging potshot at her leader, Nayak said, “I could have understood if a BJP spokesperson had said this (reacting to Ramdev being called ‘Lala’), but an anchor should not use such words for a national leader of this country. I register my protest on this.”

Angered by the development, Congress spokespersons called Liyaquat a BJP spokesperson and trended #भाजपा_प्रवक्ता_रुबिका, which translates as ‘BJP spokesperson Ribuka.’

Liyaquat has often faced criticism for allegedly being a BJP supporter in the guise of a TV anchor. In 2019, she had become an object of ridicule for her questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an interview. In one of her questions, asked with plenty of dramatic facial expressions, she had sought to know why Modi never got tired.