Game of Thrones: ‘The Battle of Bastards’ featured Kit Harington’s worst nightmare


‘The Battle of Bastards’ fromGame of Thrones was one of the most striking episodes of this season and actor Kit Harington reveals the idea for crucial scene came from his own nightmares.

The actor, who has won an Emmy nomination for his portrayal on the show, says the scene depicting his character Jon Snow nearly drowning in a sea of bodies is one of his phobia, said the Hollywood Reporter.

“Everything had backed up a bit and we were running out of time to shoot what we had intended. Miguel and I talked about what my greatest fears are.”

“And as it happens, one of my greatest fears is a human crush those horrible stories you hear about stadiums where people literally suffocate to death because they can’t get out of other people panicking. I thought if we could do that in this sequence, that could be really terrifying for the viewer,” Harington said.