Former ACP alleges Dawood Ibrahim’s involvement in Sridevi’s ‘murder’


A former ACP has sensationally alleged that the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim may have been behind what he termed was the murder of the legendary actor Sridevi, who died of accidental drowning in Dubai in February this year.

Ved Bhushan said that the the death certificate issued by the Dubai authority was amateurish since they could not even spell ‘drowning’ properly. He said that Dawood Ibrahim’s involvement too could not be ruled out since ‘he wielded enormous clout on the UAE royal family.’

Bhushan said that it wasn’t difficult to manipulate the police in Dubai since the UAE was a monarchy. “There, prince has complete control. Police report to the members of the royal family…You will be shocked to know that appointments for the top police posts are made from the army.”

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy too had hinted at Dawood’s involvement soon after Sridevi’s death shocked the world. “It doesn’t appear to me the facts that have come out in the media are consistent. She never drank hard liquor, so how did it enter her system? Was she forcibly fed? What happened to the CCTV, we have not heard a word about that,” Swamy had told ANI.

Bhushan agreed with Swamy adding that even investigations had found that the role of Dawood Ibrahim or some other nexus was possible. “You can’t rule out Dawood’s role since he’s had close proximity to the King of Dubai and other members of the Royal family,” Bhushan said.

Bhushan added, “This case required high level of investigation which we did to reveal the truth. Our investigation is not yet complete but we firmly believe that Sridevi’s death is probable murder.”

Bhushan added, “Sridevi died mysteriously and questions need to be answered, some questioned posed after her death were relevant and logical. We felt something was hidden.”

Sridevi had died of accidental drowning at a Dubai hotel in February this year. She was recently conferred with the National Awards for her acting in ‘Mom.’ She is survived by husband Boney Kapoor and daughters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.