Fans pray for Dilip Kumar’s health after he is admitted Lilavati Hospital


Bollywood fans on Wednesday took to Twitter to desperately pray for veteran actor, Dilip Kumar’s health, after the latter needed to be hospitalised in Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital due to chest infection.

file photo- Dilip Kumar

The official Twitter account of the veteran actor tweeted, ” “Saab has been admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital as he was bit uneasy due to a chest infection. He’s recuperating. Requesting your duas and prayers. -FF”

Meanwhile, the director of operations at Lilavati Hospital was quoted by Times of India as saying, “Doctors confirmed that he came in the afternoon with breathing difficulty. “He is here for a routine investigation. There is nothing to worry.”

Both ‘Dilip Kumar’ and ‘Lilavati Hospital’ trended on Twitter for hours after the news of Dilip sahab’s poor health spread. While praying for the actor’s recovery, journalist Asjad Nazir wrote, “I always feel a pain in my heart when I see that #DilipKumar is trending. Sending the greatest prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.”

Another fan, Pankaj Jha, wrote, “I invoke to DilipKumar’s health that God should give him a long life, his contribution is the history of Indian cinema is like an unforgettable, priceless and undeniable heritage. (sic)”

Fan Anupam K Ojha tweeted, “Praying for the speedy recovery of #DilipKumar sir, the man who brought realism in the film acting.”

Dilip sahab had turned 95 last December and even shared the photos of his birthday celebrations on Twitter with a caption that read, “So it was a small gathering. Saab cut the cake few minutes ago. I guess all the flash irritated him big time. May Allah bless Dilip Saab with a longgggg and healthyyyyy life. -FF”