Deepak Thakur gets physically assaulted by Megha Dhade, makers of Bigg Boss face consistency test


Bigg Boss 12 turned ugly on Thursday night as this led to the reality show’s first real fight as Megha Dhade physically assaulted Deepak Thakur. Angered by Deepak’s provocative questions, Megha lost her cool and resorted to abuses, spitting and physical attack on him with her shoe.

Photo: Bigg Boss Twitter handle

Deepak and Surbhi Rana were given a task to gather breaking news from inside the house. Each time they managed to gather a breaking news, they were expected to get one point each and the contestant, who had succeeded in securing more points at the end of the task will win the captaincy task.

Megha was visibly irritated by Deepak’s questions during the task and she threatened to report him to a commission for women. She did not stop here. While continuing to push him and spit at him, Megha then attacked Deepak with her shoe. Megha continued to threaten Deepak with words like ‘You will be slapped by me.’

An angry Deepak then threw his mic, which he was carrying as part of his task. He was seen sitting on the ground in pain after Megha’s shoe hit him. The shoe appeared to bounce and hit Jasleen too as she shouted ‘it has hit me too.’

In the end, Surbhi won the captaincy task but the questions remains if any action will be taken against Megha since physical assault on any housemates is strictly prohibited and usually leads to eviction from the house. But, the makers of the reality TV have been inconsistent with their decision.

Although, Megha’s action deserves her elimination from the show, it will be unlikely if the Bigg Boss producers choose to do so given that they’ve clubbed her in the categories of  celebrity contestants. Megha had reported won the Marathi version of the same competition before entering the show on Colors TV as a wild card contestant.