Days after being accused of hypocrisy, Mira Rajput earns plaudits for being real, makes fans emotional with latest post


Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput was in news recently after she courted a controversy on social media for her seemingly innocuous Instagram post. Many social media users had reacted angrily to her promotional post in favour of a beauty product. What they did not like was that a woman as young as Mira needed to promote a beauty-enhancing brand.

One user had written dispatragingly, “Mira whenever you post anything on your Instagram, I have a good 10 minutes laugh every time. Look at you doing everything you once said isn’t something you respect or prefer, like working while you were pregnant or having a nanny, or as a matter of fact using and endorsing Olay, when you are not even 25 yet, Dude you are just so double faced, lollllllllll.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by others too.

However, unfazed by criticism from her fans, Mira took to Instagram once again to post a throwback photo of last year, when she had celebrated her daughter, Misha Kapoor’s first birthday. Her caption with hastag #mushymemories read, “Throwback to Missy’s first birthday.. the first birthday I ever planned! Old school, family style and loads of fun! Still remember making the decorations and putting them up together all night long and taking turns to get some shut- eye before she wakes up! Family time makes for the best memories; creating and living them together.

In the photo, Mira is seen taking personal interest in decorating the house for her daughter’s birthday. This won many hearts as fans reacted appreciating her simplicity and care for her daughter’s happiness as a mother despite being top celebrity.

One fan Shobhita Rana wrote, “To be honest, I love your Insta post. I mean it’s not mechanical and made up with those professional photoshoots. PR oriented pictures and strategic posts. All your posts are so endearing and real. You are truly beyond the basic.” Another fan dia wrote, “Love you Mira. You remind me my Mom who used to make cards for me and decorate the house the whole night on my birthdays while I used to sleep…Sorry for this long letter like comment but this made really nostalgic.” User Akansha Verma wrote, “I feel so connected with yours and Shahid’s story. “You post so realistic pics,” wrote user Aishwarya.

Mira and Shahid Kapoor became parents of their child in September this year, when their son Zain Kapoor was born.