Contributor to Hindutva fake news factory OpIndia prays for India’s defeat after Virat Kohli slams Mohammad Shami’s critics; OpIndia caught spreading fake news again


Sandeep Kadian, who frequently writes for Hindutva hate speech website, notorious for peddling fake news, has found himself in the spot of bother after he publicly prayed for India’s defeat under skipper Virat Kohli. This was after the Indian skipper used strong words to slam Hindutva hatemongers for giving grief to fast bowler Mohammad Shami in the wake of India’s defeat to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

Writing on Twitter Sandeep Kadian, whose Twitter account is @Gappistanradio, said, “Yes, hope India loses tomorrow, go fcuk yourself.”

In his subsequent tweet, Kadian justified his prayer for India’s defeat as he wrote, “Hope Virat Kohli loses every game in his life. Hope he loses everything in his life. His fans want me to die tomorrow. I can at least hope for his cricketing loss.”

Kadian, just like countless other Hindutva trolls, who exist on social media hiding their real identity, has been a regular contributor to Hindutva fake news website, OpIndia. As expected, OpIndia wasted no time in peddling fake news as Kadian began to face grief from Twitter users. Fearing his arrest under sedition, OpIndia decided to publish a story highlighting how a Twitter user was being hounded for simply criticising Kohli. Being true to its identity as a fake news peddler, OpIndia chose not to highlight that the ‘Twitter user’ was one of its staff members and he had prayed for India’s defeat.

The Indian police arrested many Muslims across the country for allegedly celebrating India’s defeat during the country’s match against Pakistan. Most of the charged under the draconian sedition law. Many on Twitter demanded why Kadian could not be arrested and charged under the same law for praying for India’s defeat. Kadian soon deleted his Twitter account.

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Attacking Hindutva hatemongers for questioning Shami’s patriotism, Kohli had said that this was ‘the most pathetic thing human being can do.’

“There is a good reason why we are playing on the field and not some bunch of spineless people on social media that have no courage to actually speak to any individual in person. This is the lowest level of human form, attacking someone over religion is the most pathetic thing human being can do,” Kohli had said in a press conference. 

Shami, who conceded 17 runs in his last over against Pakistan, was accused of accepting money from Pakistan after India suffered a 1-wicket humiliating defeat. This was the first time that India had lost to their arch-rivals in a World Cup match.