Bollywood ‘writer’ Manoj Shukla condemned for Islamophobic rant, called out for dropping his ‘mask’


Bollywood ‘writer’ Manoj Muntashir, who’s shied away from using his Hindu Brahmin surname Shukla up until now, is facing widespread condemnation after he shared an Islamophobic rant on Twitter. Visibly ashamed of carrying his Hindu Brahmin surname Shukla and replacing it with a language, introduced in the subcontinent by Islamic rulers, the Kesari writer called the same rulers from the past dakait (robbers).

Muntashir also used fake information, perhaps gained from the Hindutva factory’s WhatsApp University, to accuse Muslim rulers of carrying out jihad against the Hindu population of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.

He expressed his disgust on naming Indian roads after Islamic rulers from the past by urging Indians to choose their legacy wisely.

His Islamophobic rant came just days after he shared a photo of himself with Mohan Bhagwat by revealing that his meeting with the RSS chief had considerably changed his perspective.

Sharing his Islamophobic rant, Muntashir wrote, “Choose Your Legacy And Your Heros! Relwasing today at 5 PM on YouTube/Manoj Muntashir. (sic)”

It didn’t take long for netizens to remind him about his glaring hypocrisy with many asking him to drop his Urdu surname and replace it with Shukla. Others ironically thanked him for dropping his mask finally to expose himself as a hardcore bigot.

Muntashir was recently seen making frequent appearances on Sony TV’s Indian Idol show.