BJP MP faces condemnation for objectionable comments made against former Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Chaudhary


A BJP MP from Karnal and editor of Punjab Kesari newspaper, Ashwini Kumar Chopra, has stoked a new controversy by making lewd comments for popular Haryanvi dancer and this year’s Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Chaudhary.

Congress mein thumke lagane wale jo hain woh hi thumke lagayenge, yeh unko dekhna hai ki thumke lagane hain ya chunaav jeetna hai (There are people in Congress who shake a leg (at Sapna’s dance). They have to decide if they want to shake a leg or win elections),” Chopra was quoted by ANI.

Last week, while interacting with media in New Delhi, Sapna had said that she liked the Congress and the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and was willing to campaign for the party during elections. “Of course I may campaign for the Congress. Why can’t I campaign for the Congress in Haryana and elsewhere?”

When asked why she had not chosen the BJP as a party to support, Sapna had said, “Everyone has their own choice.”

When asked why she was keen to meet the former Congress President, Sapna had said, “You mustn’t look for a reason behind everything. I like them (Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his mother).”

Angered at Chopra’s shameful comments, Twitterati decided to give him some lessons.

Chaudhary, who came into limelight in February 2016 by singing a controversial song with castiest remarks, has a huge following in Haryana, Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh.

In July 2016, a case was registered against her under the SC/ST act. After this, Sapna tried to commit suicide by consuming poison in September 2016. According to media reports, the singer was depressed after two cases were registered against her. On the basis of complaint filed by the Dalit activists, Gurgaon police, had registered a FIR against the singer and also set up a special investigation team to look into the matter.

This is not the first time the folk dancer has had to face humiliation for her profession. While inside the Bigg Boss house, a couple of contestant had mocked her profession.
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हरियाणा के करनाल से बीजेपी सांसद अश्विनी कुमार चोपड़ा ने सपना चौधरी को लेकर दिया शर्मनाक बयान

हरियाणा के करनाल से बीजेपी सांसद अश्विनी कुमार चोपड़ा ने सपना चौधरी को लेकर दिया शर्मनाक बयान

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