Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan’s astonishing revelation to Shah Rukh Khan on plans to have kids within next two years


Shah Rukh Khan was the big guest on Bigg Boss 12 show on Sunday night, when he joined Salman Khan for the Weekend Ka Vaar show. The two friends had a blast as they interacted with the show’s contestants. But, the highlight of the programme was a guessing game, played between the two.

It was during the ‘guess the question’ game, when Salman Khan made two huge revelations. The format of the game was such that Shah Rukh will read the answer and Salman would have to guess the question correctly and vice versa. While trying to guess the question in response to an answer read out by Salman, Shah Rukh Khan wondered if the former will get married in two years time. To which, Salman revealed that the correct answer was he will kids either next year or the year after.

Salman also confessed to having kissed for the first time when he was 17-year-old. Salman said that the woman who he had kissed for the first time was 22-year-old. In response to an answer, Shah Rukh joked if Salman had dated six girls before quickly clarifying that he wouldn’t have stopped at just six girls.

Shah Rukh then revealed that the whole Bollywood industry was scared of Salman Khan. Shah Rukh was on Bigg Boss to promote his next film Zero, which also stars Anushka Sharma in lead role.

The show saw the elimination of Rohit Suchanti on Sunday night. He was nominated along with Karanvir Bohra and Somi Khan.

In the forthcoming episodes, the show will see a bitter fight between Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar. The two have been epitome of friendship in the show up until now. Other highlight of Sunday night’s show was Deepak Thakur’s performance on Dilwale’s famous track Gerua.