“Bearded Arnab Goswami”: Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar continues to inspire jokes, memes after ‘I am Mr. MacAdams’ gaffe; days after Republic TV founder faces insults


Rahul Shivshankar of Times Now became a butt of international jokes after his alleged attempt to imitate Arnab Goswami backfired spectacularly. The controversial anchor embarrassed himself by yelling at a wrong guest during his TV show triggering ‘I am Mr. MacAdams’ to trend globally as social media erupted with meme fest with users sharing the video of Shivshankar’s TV broadcast fervently on the internet. Three days on, the Times Now TV anchor continues to face the music from India’s news-consuming public with many ridiculing him as ‘bearded Arnab Goswami.’

Rahul Shivshankar

This was because Goswami too had to face the fury of one of his guests on LIVE TV while discussing the politics surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A leading international analyst had heaped insults on Goswami by calling the Republic TV founder anti-national. This had left Goswami enraged as he launched a tirade against his foreign guest, forcing him to leave the show.

In the Times Now viral video, Shivshankar had mistaken a Ukrainian journalist, Bohdan Nahaylo, as Daniel McAdams, a US foreign policy commentator. Shivshankar had launched his non-stop rant against Nahaylo asking him to ‘just take a bit of a chill pill.’ But he kept addressing his as ‘Mr. MacAdams.’

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It was only after Shivshankar’s two-minute-long rant that the real ‘Mr. MacAdams’ spoke asking Shivshankar why he was yelling at him when he had not spoken a word on his show, India Upfront.

Shivshankar replied saying that he was yelling at ‘Mr. MacAdams’ and not at him. To which, the American commentator said, “I AM Mr McAdams! I am Mr McAdams and I haven’t said a word, so stop yelling at me!”

This left Shivshankar red-faced as he apologised for the gaffe.

Though MacAdams appeared on his once again a day later, Twitterati have been using the episode to highlight the joke Indian TV anchors had become globally.

One wrote, “Arnab Goswami and Rahul Shivshankar – after years of running hare shows are finally losing it!!” Another commented, “an we accept that that while
@RShivshankar is a vile, fascist enabler, a bearded Arnab, a haranguer and all sorts of horrible things, this wasn’t really his fault. Surely he didn’t switch the names.”

“Indian Godi Media should not even try to run a debate on International issue..it only exposes their stupidity before the world..Here
@RShivshankar doesn’t even know who the panelist are..few days ago Arnab made a fool of himself.. Both are the top 2 TRP channels in India,” wrote one user.