Babul Supriyo accuses Bengal police of stopping him from attending singer Shaan’s concert in Asansol


Union Minister Babul Supriyo on Wednesday alleged that the police in his Lok Sabha constituency, Asansol, had stopped him from attending a musical concert, where singer Shaan was performing.

Taking to Twitter, Supriyo alleged that the cops in Asansol had ‘barged’ the hotel, where Shaan was staying and ‘woke him up’ from his sleep, ‘threatening to cancel the show’ if the union minister came to watch the concert. He wrote, “Am in Kolkata today•Thought of going to Asansol to watch the Concert of @shaan @KK together, #No1YaariHai today evening• Shaan just calls me to say that Police Officers woke him up frm sleep in the hotel threatening to cancel license to the show if I go to watch it! Infuriated.”

Shaan did not react to Supriyo’s astonishing claims. But, the Asansol MP later claimed that he had asked Shaan to not speak to media on the issue. He wrote, “I have asked Shaan not to take any calls or get perturbed by tjis (sic) get into this muck .. He is dear friend.. so is KK.. cant let Mamta and her police spoil their show.. I will not go to the show it will fight this out. What are spineless hunch of men in uniform thinking?”

Supriyo was a Bollywood playback singer before entering into electoral politics in 2014. He won on the BJP ticket from Asansol. The BJP is desperately trying to make significant inroads in the eastern Indian state in a bid to dislodge the government led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, whose party, the TMC, had won a landslide in the last assembly elections.

On Wednesday, singer KK too had joined Shaan, himself a Bengali, for the Asansol concert.