Arnab Goswami’s colleague Pradeep Bhandari physically assaulted by reporters outside NCB office as media coverage on drug probe into Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan takes dangerous twist


Arnab Goswami’s colleague Pradeep Bhandari was physically assaulted by reporters outside the NCB office in Mumbai on Thursday as the coverage on the drug probe into Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh took a dangerous twist. The video of Bhandari being assaulted has gone viral on social media platforms.

Taking to Twitter, Bhandari wrote, “Do you know the price for speaking the truth in Maharashtra? The famous faces of the cartel are getting increasingly angry as they get exposed. They sent goon reporters from NDTV and the ABP to beat me up when they did not succeed with the police. But, I am not going to break.”

However, reporters present at the scene disputed Bhandari’s version. Imran Kahn of Times Now tweeted, “TRP PUNCH:Just few facts: @ndtv reporter and @republic reporter had a small altercation over coming into each former’s frame. Provoking him and directing at others who were reporting. R reporter said- *Yeh chai biscuit wale reporters* & other slurs- provoked othrs & led to this.”

Another journalist working for a leading TV channel confirmed Khan’s version and told  Janta Ka Reporter that the fight was started after Bhandari used the ‘chai biscuit’ jibe for reporters present outside the NCB guest house in Kolaba. The reporter, who wished not to be identified, said, “We told the Republic man that he was free to call us whatever he wished because we are used to hearing such silly stuff from Arnab Goswami these days. What was unacceptable for us was Bhandari asking his cameraman to turn the camera towards us during his LIVE broadcast as he uttered the ‘chai biscuit’ jibe and many other slurs for us.”

However, Bhandari accused Khan of lying.

NDTV’s Saurabh Gupta, who too was involved in an altercation with Bhandari, tweeted, “In the face of serious provocation, abuse and misbehaviour from another channel’s representative, the NDTV crew at the spot responded calmly, with no violence or aggression as alleged by Pradeep Bhandhari . The video he himself has tweeted clearly establishes this.”

Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan have left Goa to make themselves available for questioning by the NCB tomorrow.