Arnab Goswami makes desperate appeal to fans for support as Republic TV founder ‘defaults’ on notice from Maharashtra Assembly


A visibly rattled Arnab Goswami has desperately urged his fans to support him by tuning in to his programme either via Youtube or other distribution platforms. This was after the Republic TV founder alleged that the Maharashtra Assembly had deliberately forced him to default on a notice served to him on 16 October.

Taking to his TV channel, Goswami said that he received the notice from the Maharashtra Assembly at 2.50 PM on Friday afternoon, while he was directed to appear before the assembly at 3 PM.

Goswami said on his TV channel, “What horrifies me is that they don’t reply to the Supreme Court but give me 10 minutes notice to appear. This is an utter contempt of the Supreme Court.”

Goswami said that he was a law-abiding citizen, adding that he had responded to a notice on 15 October. “I am a law-abiding citizen. I’ve worked hard to build this TV channel,” he said.

He also urged other media outlets to not remain a mute spectator as he continued to be targeted by invoking press freedom, adding that they too will be targeted in the future. When one of his guests asked Goswami to read out the date written on the notice, he evaded the question.

Today’s notice by the Maharashtra Assembly was the fourth in a series. Goswami said that he was not afraid of going to jail, adding that he was worried about the ‘due process not being followed.’

Both Goswami and Kangana Ranaut are now facing privilege motions against them in both the Houses of the Maharashtra Assembly. While Goswami is accused of insulting Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, Kangana is facing the music for calling Mumbai ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.’

The privilege motion against Goswami was moved by Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik, who accused the Republic TV founder of routinely insulting ministers, MPs and MLAs during his prime time TV debates. Much to Goswami’s discomfort, Sarnaik’s motion was seconded by none other than Maharashtra Parliamentary Affairs Minister Parab. Also supporting the motion against Goswami were NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal and Samajwadi Party’s Abu Azmi.

Goswami had moved the Supreme Court against the Maharashtra Assembly’s decision to initiate a breach of privilege motion. The top court had adjourned the hearing on Monday.


  1. He should be punished and ridiculed in public,, should not be spared as he thought he had the liberty to yell scream and accuse anyone because he had bjp support

  2. People like him are a black mark, a mole, a shame to Indian press and democracy. We want people who speak truth and only truth, like Raveesh Kumar. God save india and Indians from people like Arnab.

  3. Arnab is a fake journalist, a black mark and a mole to free journalism. We need people like Raveesh Kumar who speak truth. Well done Maharahstra government. Punish this joker.

    • U r d biggest joker by suppoting Ravish Kumar.Perhaps u dont have wisdom of differentiating between a good and bad journlist.

      • So According to you a loud trumpet like Arnab who makes allegations and sensationalise the fake news to get TrPS is better than Ravish. Rakesh Bhatnagar you are a disgrace and should not exist. Karma is bitch and awaits you.

  4. Is the Maharashtra assembly above law? No sorry… You have crossed your limits… U r also afraid of Arnab as his channel has left you all naked… Means stark naked… You are clueless of how to hide your shame.. Your dark side… So you r abusing your power. So it’s confirmed that all these persons sitting in MA assembly and supporting the motion are autocratic and their act is detrimental to our democracy

    • No one is above Law, but MLAs of Maharashtra Assembly are Constitutionally elected by citizens of Maharashtra. Arnab Goswami is just a media person is just a BJP Puppet supported by BJP leaders. He acts as instructed by them. BJP is taking revenge as they have been down sized by Shiv Shea, NCP and Congress and they have taken away BJP’s opportunity to rule in the Maharashtra Assembly. He cannot speak foul language and shout louder on his channel with Debaters by shouting on them and not allowing them to put their point of view. Not only Arnab Goswami has right of Freedom of Speech as per Indian Constitution, every Citizen of India has the right of Freedom of Speech.

  5. It is insane to make such demands. One can just reach his parking lot in 10 minutes. No one will make such a demand, forget to Arnab but it would be a joke even if it’s to your next door neighbors.

  6. Arnab Goswami is going to come out victrious with flying colours against the nation shaming mafia of bollywood n shiv sena drug cartel ..and write off the beginning of a new era of straight forward truthfulness to make India leap forward to it’s Global leader’s position.


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