Arnab Goswami in trouble after he confirms receiving defamation notice from Mehbooba Mufti

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Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami on Wednesday night confirmed that he had received a defamation notice from former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for controversial comments made on his show.

Arnab Goswami

While discussing the topic of terror funding on his programme, Goswami said, “By the way, I have some breaking news. Mehbooba Mufti has sent me a legal notice saying that ‘how do you say that I do lavish shopping trips in Mumbai?’ Well, I am a journalist Mehbooba Mufti and I have my sources. I am told that you and your family do lavish shopping trips in Mumbai. If you want to file a case against me, then go ahead. If you think you don’t, then tell me you don’t.”

The programme in question is Goswami’s debate, broadcast on 5 July, when he had accused Mufti of undertaking lavish trips to Mumbai for expensive shopping. He had said, “…aur Mehbooba Mufti jo hai who first class fly karti hai Mumbai mei, aur lavish shopping trips, you know, you know Sushil Pandit, itna spend karti hai, itna spend karti hai, jo logoun ne dekha hai! Itni…Aur jab aati hai to 5 Star Hotel mei, sara unke liya, pura…pura floor book hojata hai! Itna paisa kahan se ata hai. Ap log Kashmir ke logoun ka khoon kab tak chuseinge…(And Mehbooba Mufti travels first class to Mumbai for lavish shopping trips. You know Sushil Pandit, she spends so much and when she returns to her 5-star hotel, the entire floor is reserved for her. Where does she get so much money from. For how long will you continue to suck the blood of Kashmiri people? ”

The legal notice sent by Mufti’s lawyer said that ‘the aforementioned defamatory and false statements made by’ Goswami on his TV channel had been ‘widely seen, circulated, and shared on other social networking sites and web portals.’

“Your statements project my client as a dishonest person who has made a fortune by deceitful means and is now spending it extravagantly. Right at the onset my client outrightly denies these brazen allegations. My client has had an impeccable political career and never ever has faced any criticism where she has been projected as a dishonest person. Your statements on the said programme are full of lies and even while speaking you are not coherent and it clearly seems that you are making up these statements. Furthermore, the failure on part of both you and your channel as a whole to support these claims without any proof shows the malicious intent behind these statements and further proves that your allegations against my client are baseless,” Kashmiri Life portal quoted the notice.

Mufti has demanded an unconditional apology within three days of receiving the notice and broadcast the same on Republic TV ‘with the same prominence and frequency as the impugned statements.’

“By this legal notice you are further informed, in clear terms, that upon your failure to comply with the aforementioned directions within three (3) days from the receipt of this notice, my client will be constrained to initiate both civil and criminal actions against you and your channel in accordance with law. In such a situation you are cautioned that the entire legal recourse that my client may initiate against you shall be entirely at your own risk and cost,” the legal notice concluded.



  1. Arnab,

    Do u have guts to say same for Modi Ji Extravagance.. All luxury useless tours, keeping French Fashion designer, drinking Water from abroad…
    Do u guts.. If not then Pls Shut your mouth off.. And You mentioned “You are a Journalist”

    That was a Good Joke Indeed.

    • Just think before you write.Modi is the Prime Minister of Indian republic and the other is a chief minister of a state in India .One should remember where the bread is buttered.!

    • People along me knows that Arnab is fair journalist . Politician like Mehebuba can’t steal it anyway.
      Since Arnab has clarified that it’s his reliable source why not try to react that.

    • How tf do you know that he drinks water from abroad.. you assholes make sure you know what you are speaking don’t just say it for the sake of it

  2. Arnab Goswami, don’t get afraid. We are with you. That ‘deshdrohi’ Mehbooba Mufti deserves to be defamed and exposed.

    • Mehbooba Mufti was ‘rashtravadi’ till BJP was a partner with her in govt. formation in j&k but no sooner did the BJP withdrew from govt, Mehbooba became ‘deshdrohi’. This shows the real character of BJP. It is only money power and muscle power that keeps BJP going.

  3. U R one of the chutiya journalist,, u can’t speak against your father (bjp, RSS).. That time u act as a pig,,,

  4. All should understand that Goswami has backing of government, so no harm or damage can be done to him.he has big fleet of protectors bolo Jai Shree Ram aur sooojjaaaaoooo

  5. Armani u spoke truth, they are all blood suckers.Were do they get the money to lap in luxury all looted money.You are right in calling her fake

  6. Subhrajyoti Ghosh you are same kind of creature as Arnab. Only for TRP he talks none sense& irritating which has no relevance for general people.Shouting&mis representation of fact degrade the value of anchor as well.Do some thing positive on economy,employment,trade,commerce etc.

    • Arnav does not know about economy, employment trade, commerce at all. Pl. don’t disturb him by talking these words.

    • In present government everything goes on well blind like you can’t visualise. Try to understand and for improvement take mudra loan to work hard , you would get what you desire. Thanks.

  7. Both these muftis and Abdullahas must be probed for their luxurious living and for their dubious connections with the separatists and Pakis and if found guilty must be jailed. Both these families are imposters like the mulla Nehru phamily.

  8. Respected Sir, don’t worry we are with you. I am a citizen of India and I support you. Any help from me please let me know.

  9. Rifat the hindu hating fattu has always and will in future write and attack hindus only. ANTI-kafirs who kill, slaughter, rape, force-conversions are his bhais in horrific crimes against India & Indians

  10. Answar me why they drove away the Pandit from Kashmir? Who are the guilty? They all tried to changed the demography of Kashmir.They created this situation forcibly.Who Will actually right person should arranged to rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandit further.

  11. Ugly fight is going on between the BJP n congress’s paid media cell workers. So far as my understanding of journalism is concerned, Arnab is not a journalist.

  12. That horrific period of Muslim , Hindus tortured but tolerated . No one can deny it. But it’s democracy we must realise that period and get right knowledge as to how live a suitable life.

  13. If Mehebuba trying to be in that form of mogul forgetting her forefathers who were Hindus , she be suitably taught the lesson.


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