Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show burns her mouths while recording BTS video for Instagram; Kapil Sharma showcases his singing talent before musician guests

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Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show recently revealed how she had burned her mouth while sipping tea on the sets of the Sony TV’s popular comedy show. The veteran actress made the revelation in her behind the scene video even as host Kapil Sharma showcased his singing talent in front of his musician guests, Sachin and Jigar.

Archana took to Instagram to share a video showing Kapil entertaining his guests with his singing talent. In the video, Archana was seen giving a finishing touch to her make-up. Unable to capture Kapil Sharma’s closeup visual, Archana decided to drink team, which she had brought from home.

She said, “My tea is getting cold.” However, no sooner did she take the first sip of tea, she realised that she was mistaken about the temperature of her drink. She said, “It’s still very hot.

She continued, “These days since I bring my team in a flask, I am always burning my mouth because you don’t know how hot the tea is in the flask.”

The veteran actress took another sip of tea only to realise that she ahd once again burned her mouth. She said, “See, I’ve burned my mouth (once again). Like I always burn my mouth on pizza also, do you?”

As expected, her fans reacted overwhelmingly to praise her beauty. One wrote, “U r gorgeous. Ur makeup ur dresses wow. Or apka bolna wow.” Another commented, “l just love you Ma’am… Love to watch all your videos….. God bless you.”

Archana’s popularity has soared manifold during the nationwide lockdown when she began to regularly post her home videos on Instagram. She has continued to entertain her fans by posting behind the scene videos from the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. 

Archana had recently told her domestic help Bhagyashree that the makers of the show were asking her to share the revenue earned from Instagram videos. She had said, “They asked me to share the money earned from Instagram videos. I told them that I don’t earn money from these videos.”


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