Anupam Kher should stay away from politics, says actor Alok Nath


TV actor Alok Nath, who, not so long ago, had faced twitter roasting for his misogynistic comment against a woman activist, has described Anupam Kher’s ‘foray in politics’ as an act in isolation.

He said that Kher, a known BJP supporter, should stay away from politics.

“Mr. Kher should refrain from taking part in politics and stick to his profession. He may have personal views and political bent but those should not be generalised,” Nath was quoted by The Hindu.

The actor is currently in Srinagar to shoot for Sargoshiyan.

On 10 April, Kher had tried to visit the National Institute of Technology but was detained at the airport amidst the raging controversy on the campus.

“Our profession is sensitive and one should remain within its boundaries. This is what I think. I have no control over his thinking,” Nath said.

The veteran actor claimed that his perceptions about Kashmir changed during his visit.

“Kashmir is normal. It seems minor incidents are blown out of proportion. Whatever I have heard or read, I find this place quite the opposite.”

Nath was caused massive social media outrage in June last year after he posted ‘jail the bitch’ tweet on microblogging site in reference to the renowned activist Kavita Krishnan.