Anand Mahindra’s ‘jugaad to jhakaas’ door closure video from ‘WhatsApp wonder box’ is new internet sensation


Industrialist Anand Mahindra is a prolific Twitter user and often shares quirky videos showing the innovative capabilities of Indians. The latest in the series is a video of an innovative door closure, invented by someone in Punjab.
Anand Mahindra

Sharing the video, Mahindra wrote that he had received it on his WhatsApp calling this another example of’modest, but out-of-the-box thinking applied to everyday problems.’ He added, “This person spent just ₹2 to rig this door closure versus ₹1500 for a hydraulic one! How do we channel this creativity so that we move from Jugaad to Jhakaas!”

No sooner did Mahindra share the video, it opened the floodgate for other users to share similar examples of the famous India jugaad (A flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way).

Last month, Mahindra had shared another video from his ‘WhatsApp Wonder Box’ showing how one person made a makeshift excavator by using a cot.

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