Amitabh Bachchan: Celebrity is an insecure, vulnerable and utterly isolated individual


Amitabh Bachchan penned down his thoughts on his official blog on Thursday expressing the problems and challenges faced by a celebrity.

The 72-year old actor is of the opinion that being a celebrity means living in isolation and insecurity.

He poured his thoughts on his blog saying, “Celebrity is an insecure vulnerable and utterly isolated individual .. they shall agree because of repercussions or pressures that may upset the flow of one career one opportunity.. and so they do ..”

Piku actor explains a celebrity’s state of mind and the pressure they undergo to be in news, saying, “but the need to attend such is also challenged by them that need to be recognised, need for their mission to be acknowledged, to be seen in media, to be talked about. But this can effectively happen when they get noticed with someone who shall be talked about. Irrespective of the real reason they have been called out to do. The celebrity then is the obvious choice.”

Bachchan has been in the Bollywood industry for more than four decades and has experienced many ups and downs while struggling.

The actor also attached his pictures ‘in stripes’ and uploaded along with the blog. Speaking about what those stripes depict, Bachchan said, “These stripes do convey the complexities of life and every day happenings .. each moment each stripe reflects certain temperament, certain truths and certain alignments .. they are convoluted and complex but they all do mean the same … ”

Amitabh Bachchan is presently working on Wazir with Farhan Akhtar. Besides, he will also be seen in a cameo role along with wife, Jaya Bachchan in R Balki’s next film, Ki and Ka.