After Sambit Patra, BJP’s Hema Malini faces condemnation for posing with constituents ahead of Lok Sabha polls


Sambit Patra dominated social media conversations on Saturday after videos of controversial BJP spokesperson enjoying meal cooked by a widow in Puri went viral. His videos heaped embarrassment for the saffron party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they exposed the latter’s claims on the success of the Ujjwala scheme.

Hema Malini

As if that was not enough, another prominent face in the BJP, Hema Malini, took to Twitter to share her photos with some of her constituents in a wheat field in Mathura. In the photos, the actress-turned-politician was seen harvesting the wheat and carrying a bundle on her shoulder. She was surrounded by her supporters as she appeared to create a perfect photo opportunity for herself during the high-pitched election campaign.

While posting the photos, Hema Malini wrote, “Began my Lok Sabha campaign today with the Govardhan Kshetra where I had the opportunity to interact with women working in the fields. A few fotos for u of my first day of campaign.”

No sooner did she post these photos, the popular Bollywood actress from the past began to face incessant trolling from journalists and political analysts alike. Many even poked fun for the colour of her sari, which almost matched with the colour of wheat plants. While sharing one of her photos, journalist Shivam Vij wrote, “Caption contest. (Abusers will be blocked. Humour will be retweeted. Photo of Hema Malini in Mathura).”

Journalist Man Aman Singh Chhina wrote, “Because they think voters are fools.” Journalist Bhavtosh Singh asked, “Who they are trying to impress?” Journalist Kadambini Sharma observed, “This may not a film shooting, but the woman standing in the background doesn’t look very impressed.”

Hema Malini had won from Mathura in 2014, riding on the popularity crest of Narendra Modi. She is amongst those politicians, who are now facing the heat for not visiting her constituency in the last five years.

When asked about her work as an MP in her constituency, Hema Malini had recently caused more embarrassment for herself and the BJP by stating that she did ‘a lot of work but it is so much work that I can’t recognise right now. I don’t remember.’