Actor Rajinikanth faces social media roasting for silence on sexual assault and brutal murder of Tamil Nadu’s father-son duo as #JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix trend


The gruesome murder of a father-son duo in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district has evoked reactions from around the world as they read the horror story in disgust. But one person, who has not yet found time to register his outrage is Tamil actor Rajinikanth, who is widely expected to enter politics ahead of the next year’s assembly elections.

Actor Rajinikanth

P Jeyaraj and his son J Fenix were allegedly picked up by the police in Tuticorin for questioning for keeping their mobile phone accessories shop open during the lockdown. Both were mercilessly thrashed and even sexually assaulted by cops in custody. According to some local media reports, both father and son were also sodomised inside police custody.

Fennix complained of breathlessness on 22 June and was rushed to a local government hospital where he died the same day. Fenix’s father Jeyaraj was also admitted to hospital after he too fell ill. Like his son, Jeyaraj too died the next morning. Both reportedly complained of rectum pain and profusely bled leading to their hospitalisation.

The state government has placed two sub-inspectors and two head constables attached to Sathankulam police station where Jeyaraj and Fenix were brutalised under suspension. Another inspector has been put on the waiting list.

Twitter exploded in anger as hashtag #JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix trended nationally for days. Many asked Rajinikanth why he had been silent on this ghastly incident.