ABP News representative faces ridicule for glorifying controversial godman, who uses Facebook information to claim miracle


A representative working for ABP News is facing widespread ridicule after he was seen glorifying a controversial Hindu godman, Dhirendra Shastri on his TV channel. Gyanendra Tiwari, who works for ABP News, is also being accused of promoting superstition even as his colleagues from the TV channel have out in the open to support his action.

ABP News

This was after a video of Tiwari, an alleged journalist, with Shastri went viral on social media platforms. In the viral video, Tiwari was seen present at the premises of Shastri along with representatives of other Indian TV channels. Shastri announced from the stage, “Among you journalists, the one whose uncle’s name is Bhrigunath Tiwari can come out.”

This prompted ABP News representative to walk toward the stage where the controversial godman was seated. Tiwari respectfully bowed before the controversial godman and sat at his feet.

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The godman asked, “Is your uncle Bhrigunath Tiwari?” The Tiwari replied in awe, “Yes, my uncle’s name is Bhrigunath Tiwari and he lives in Bhopal. Right now he is in Mathura.”

“So, is your brother’s name Raghvendra Tiwari?” the godman asked as he raised his voice.

Tiwari replied, “yes guruji.” He didn’t stop here as he told the crowd, “As a journalist, I am saying this, ‘Acharya Dhirendra Shastri ki jai’.”

The godman asked Tiwari if his brother had constructed a new house. The ABP News representative said that his brother had indeed got a new house only two days ago.

“Is your niece’s name Abhishi?” the godman asked. Tiwari said, “yes guruji.”

The godman then told journalists to never call him the promoter of superstition else he will expose everyone.

The development prompted netizens to mock Tiwari for bringing disrepute to the profession of journalism. Eagle-eyed among them were quick to highlight how information ‘revealed’ by the controversial Hidnu godman was publicly available on the Facebook page of Tiwari.

Meanwhile, Tiwari has defended his action as his ABP News colleagues called him a messiah of bold journalism. Among those extending support to Tiwari are also BJP leaders.

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