“They are targeting activists but we won’t stop,” says JNUSU president Geeta Kumari


Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is yet again in the headlines and this time for fining 4 office-bearers of the students’ union Rs 40,000 each.

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The office-bearers, including JNUSU president Geeta Kumari, were also ordered to shift to new hostel rooms after a series of punishments were handed out to them by the administration in 3 different cases.

The protocol enquiry report stated that the JNUSU members, along with several other students, were found to be “involved in an incident of unlawful confinement of rectors 1 and 3 on 15 February.”

The report added that all exit and entry gates of the administrative building were blocked and the rectors were gheraoed and stopped from leaving for lunch, “under the guidance of JNUSU.”

JNUSU president Geeta Kumari had denied the allegations and claimed that the students were ‘peacefully waiting’ outside the building to have a meeting with the VC and “raise questions about the compulsory attendance policy.”

Speaking exclusively with Janta Ka Reporter, Kumari said, “I wasn’t even present there but then too me, Shimon, Dhuggi, Shubhanshu were targeted and fined. They are basically targeting the activists and those who lead the activism. But we won’t stop, this won’t end.”

Countering one more point of the report which mentioned one of the rectors allegedly fell ill and rushed to hospital, Geeta said, “The security kept telling us there is no one inside, it was late in the night and the lights were also off. But, when they tweeted and the ambulance came over, I was the one who called that ambulance because we did not want to take any risks.”

The report had said that the act was “serious in nature and unbecoming of a student.”

Asked to deposit the fine within 10 days, Kumari said she was “looking for a lawyer because I have to submit my M.Phil. dissertation. I get scholarship of Rs 5000, which I hardly get in months. My parents can’t pay these fines. Even other people have been fined with Rs 10,000. I will challenge the decision.”

Earlier, JNU administration upheld its 2016 decision to rusticate Umar Khalid and fine former students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar for their alleged involvement in the so-called anti-national protests.