Swamy says will suspend demand on Modi’s chief economic advisor if conditions met


Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said that he will ‘suspend’ his demand for the sacking of PM Narendra Modi’s Chief Economic Advisor, Arvind Subramanian, but with certain conditions.

One of the conditions, according to him, was that BJP must accept it knew everything about Subramanian and still declared him an asset.

Taking to Twitter, Swamy said, “If BJP Union govt says that we know all about AS but still he is an asset, then I will suspend my demand and wait for events to prove truth. If an Indian?, held patriotic, can advise a foreign nation where he works, to twist India’s arm, is to be forgiven, then I suspend my demand.”

Swamy also tweeted references to establish that Subramanian had allegedly asked the US government to exert pressure on India to open up its economy.

He said, “AS to US Cong: ‘US initiatives by discriminating against India companies and exporters will exert pressure on India to open up’.”

In another tweet, the BJP Rajya Sabha MP posted a quote, which the CEA had reportedly said about Modi countering the latter’s claims on growth in Gujarat as the state’s chief minister.

Swamy said, “Who said:’What about Gujarat? Mr. Modi stands indicted as a mediocre performer ( judged by tax collection&social outcomes)’.”

Swamy on Wednesday had launched a blistering attack against Subramanian asking for his removal.

The BJP wasted no time in issuing a clarification that Swamy’s views on Subramanian did not have the party’s backing.

“BJP does not agree with Subramanian Swamy’s views on govt’s Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian. This is his personal opinion,” PTI quoted BJP as saying.

The party had, however, never issued any clarification in light of Swamy’s continuous attacks against Rajan. This is giving credence to suggestions that the saffron party may have used Swamy as a proxy to pave way for Rajan’s ouster.

Reacting to the attack, Congress leader Divijaya Singh said his target is not Arvind Subramanian but Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and asked whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is handing over Finance Ministry to Swamy.

“Subramanian Swamy now guns for Arvind Subramanian Economic Advisor to NDA. Target is Arun Jaitley not Arvind Subramanian. Is Modi handing over Finance Ministry to Subramanian Swamy?

“He has been claiming that PM has assured him as quid pro quo if he targeted Nehru Gandhi Family,” Singh said in a series of tweets.