Finland’s Minister gets trolled by BJP supporters for support on Raghuram Rajan


Raghuram Rajan’s announcement last weekend to move on and not seek the second term as the Reserve Bank of India Governor had left many shocked.

But, those terming his departure as India’s loss weren’t confined to left-leaning liberal Indians, who credited Rajan with doing a phenomenal work in a relatively short time to tighten the noose around the crony capitalists.

A respected economist that he is, Rajan received plenty of support even from key people in the world of economy from around the world.

Finland’s economic affairs minister, Olli Rehn was among those who mocked India for letting go a talent as good as Rajan at a time when the RBI needed continuity at the helm to carry our key initiatives.

His tweet read, “#India must be the wealthiest country on earth to let Raghuram Rajan @RBIGov stand down @FT (sic).”

This apparent dig at the Narendra Modi government, which had allegedly refused to extend Rajan’s term, didn’t go down well the right-wing trolls on social media.

Soon, Rehn’s timeline was flooded with angry reactions from the BJP supporters, with almost all of whom asking the Finnish minister to stay out of what was essentially India’s internal affairs.

Then there were those who came to the minister’s rescue taking a dig at the HRD Minister Smriti Irani and Prime Minister Modi.

Here are some reactions:

@WodehouseRock: It must also be the most literate country in the world, considering its Education Minister has no college degree. Why bother. bet you’ve already experienced how lovely India’s right wing trolls are – we call it #ModiTongue because they learn from Modi.

@Kailash69798461: Raghuram rajan targeted by govt for trying to clean up the indian commercial banking system which is ridden with NPAs.

@GiraHuaAadmi: Well you aren’t. So how about giving him that position in your country? Eh? Consider it a gift from India.

@rameshfilms: We have a wealth of pettiness and politics. The rest is collateral damage #RaghuramRajan

@sudeepj21 : Its a political appointment. For an MP to not know this, Finland must be the stupidest country on Earth!

@GlobalGujju: Sir, your concern is noticed, our Indian Finace Minister @arunjaitley will be glad to help you clear your wrong assumption

@SatyaDayanand : you regularly comment on Central Bank Govs everywhere? Or just had some free time today?

@India_empower: Hey @ollirehn Sincere question: as a foreigner, why is this so important at to you? What is your stake in Rajan staying?

@hemenvarma : Why don’t you woo him, if he is so valuable ?

@deepakmr27: We don’t tell whom you should appoint, we don’t care too, so kindly mind your own business sir

But the best response came from the person who runs Subramanian Swamy’s parody account on Facebook.

He wrote, “Tweet from Minister of economic affairs of Finland. This is how our Govt has embarrassed India across the world.

*Bhakts : But what about M̶a̶l̶d̶a̶ Nokia? ”