Economic Affairs Secretary condemned on Twitter for ‘intemperate’ language against Amazon


Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das was branded as ‘low IQ’ troll after his ‘intemperate’ tweet targetting Amazon website did not go down well with the social media users and journalists alike.

“Amazon, better behave. Desist from being flippant about? Indian symbols & icons. Indifference will be at your own peril,” he tweeted.

Das’s tweets came in the backdrop of reports of US-based e-commerce giant Amazon putting up on sale flip-flops with Mahatma Gandhi’s image on their website.

Last week, after a strong protest by India over Amazon selling doormats depicting Indian flag, the e-retail giant removed the offensive article from its Canadian website.

No sooner had the DEA secretary posted his tweet, many prominent users on Twitter chided him for his poor language.

Faced with instant condemnation, Das took to microblogging site to clarify that he had tweeted in the capacity of an Indian citizen.

He said, “Comment on amazon was as a citizen of India as I felt strongly about it. Nothing more should be read into it.”

Also realising a potential damage to the image of the Indian government, Das posted another tweet.

“Remain committed to economic reforms, ease of doing business & open trade. Sometimes get touchy when our icons are involved,” Das tweeted.

Many, however felt that Das, who is at the fag end of his career, may have posted the tweet to make the Centre’s BJP government to secure a decent post-retirement incentive.