“In Modi’s India, opposition CM is taken prisoner by his cops if he tries to console a resident in his own state”

The suicide of our soldier because of being denied OROP should shock the nation where in the name of soldier their has been incessant politicking over the past few weeks.
But the soldier’s suicide wasn’t not the only disturbing thing that happened today. The dead soldier’s son was ill-treated by the police, the Delhi CM, who tried reaching the bereaved family has been detained along with his cabinet and party colleagues and a state of undeclared emergency looms over Delhi.
Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, too was detained twice in the day before being released in the evening.
Below I have discussed why everyone of us must worry about what has happened and is happening in the the events surrounding the death of the brave soldier-
Modi’s politics-Lies, Lies and damn Lies
Only a few days before our honourable Prime minister had claimed of having delivered on OROP. A trusting nation had felt happy that alas the soldier is not being shortchanged. But the suicide of the soldier for OROP exposes what a lie Modi’s claim was. Why would the soldier have given his life for OROP if Modi had actually delivered on his OROP promise?
What can one say about a prime minister who does not even think twice about lying to his own soldiers. Even the worst of liars exercise cautions in lying to the soldiers, who risk their life for our security. Modi is often accused of basing his politics on lies. The lie on OROP indeed strengthens this perception that Modi’s politics is nothing but lies, lies and dammn lies.
We are all guilty of soldier’s suicide
A soldier lives and dies for the nation. A nation, which sits silent when a deaf government forces its Braveheart to give up his life in frustration at not having any prospect of what was duly owed to him by the government, should hang its head in shame.

It is a bitter truth, but the truth nonetheless, that we were not ready to believe let alone fight for the soldier’s right as were too overwhelmed by the propaganda of the ruling regime. It is this indifference of ours which must have made the soldier feel so helpless and desolate, that he decided to take the extreme measure that he did. In this sense we are all guilty of the soldier’s suicide as we didn’t fight for him against the lies of the regime.

Maligning the dead soldier shows there is no space for morality or decency in BJP’s politics
Even before the nation could recoup from such tragic loss of its soldier, BJP plunged to new heights by attacking the dead soldier. BJP ministers made the vicious claim that the soldier was mad. It shocked me that any party, even BJP, could be so cynical, immoral and indecent to try to dishonour a dead soldier. It clearly showed that all the chest thumping about respecting soldier’s was just convenient political positioning to get votes.
How else could anyone who claim to respect soldier, try to malign them when they are dead. The BJP added insult to injury by making Delhi police mistreat the dead soldier’s bereaved son. Is this what BJP’s nationalism is all about? Beating army people’s family just because they dared to speak against the saffron party?
Detaining opposition leaders is despotism, period!
But BJP took its disgraceful conduct to new height by ordering police crackdown on anyone who tried to speak for the dead soldier. It subjected the soldier’s son to ill-treatment. Then it detained the leader of India’s principal opposition party, the Congress. It even detained the CM of the state, where the soldier committed suicide. Can you believe it? In Modi’s India, opposition CM is taken prisoner by his cops if he tries to console a resident in his own state.
The unabashed use of police to deny opposition the possibility of providing voice to the victim of the regime is a textbook case of despotism. The series of events surrounding OROP soldier’s death has now spiralled into such a state that our very democracy seems to be under seige. It’s time we speak up or it will be too late to make a difference.
(The views expressed here the author’s own and Janta Ka Reporter doesn’t endorse them)