Not long before people find out that Gujarat model is not reality but farce


The state is continuously in the news either for the Dalit upsurge against the cow-protection campaign or the Patidar agitation.

For years, we have been bombarded with Modi propaganda and the success of ‘vibrant Gujarat’. Crores of money is being spent in persuading people into believing the ideology of BJP. What better way than showcasing Gujarat, where Narendra Modi has been CM thrice.

The party is trying to replicate Modi’s earlier success in Gujarat. But the vacuum left by Modi is too big even for BJP to fill.

The 2015 civic polls in Gujarat are pointing to a tidal change. Congress swept the polls in rural areas. The Patidar leaders urged their community to vote in favour of Congress and reject BJP. BJP and Narendra Modi are gearing up for the assembly elections scheduled in December 2017. The PM recently gifted eight national highways to the state, six of them being in the Saurashtra region where BJP faces maximum opposition.

With no strong contender for the Chief Minister’s position, BJP might not be able to pull as many votes as it has in the past. The rising social unrest among the Dalits and Patidars against BJP, is an indicator of cracks in the saffron vote bank.

Congress, on the other hand, needs to gather as much ammunition as possible. After the party’s lacklustre performance in recent Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections, Congress must give voters here a reason to believe in the party and its leadership.

With the rising anti-incumbency sentiments against BJP rule, PM Modi’s increased visits to Gujarat clearly indicate that alarm bells are ringing in the BJP citadel. The realisation that the cover of lies will one day be exposed, seems to be sinking in.

It will not be long when people will find that the Gujarat model is not a reality but a farce. When the bubble bursts, many hearts will be broken but for those who aspire to see a true democratic spirit in the country, it will be a new dawn.

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