In Karan Johar bowing to jobless leader of one-MLA party, Indian society at large is a loser


In the Karan Johar-Raj Thackeray comprise most of the directly involved parties (Karan, Raj, Maharashtra government) have immediate gains, but the society at large is a loser.

1. Karan got free publicity from the controversy, which he has been able to settle relatively cheap (the publicity was worth far more than 5 crore). But he has sold his conscience in giving up to the goons.
2. Raj Thackeray was able to milk nationalists sentiments to make himself relevant and stay in public limelight. The unemployed leader of a one MLA party was able to show how people’s verdict (of not having anything to do with Raj or his party) can be made meaningless by hooligans.
3. The Maharashtra government got the best of both worlds. It was spared the trouble of looking bad had there been violence against the movies and also by silently supporting the “nationalists”, it too milked nationalism to its benefit by deserting the film-makers.
1. Conscientious filmmakers- Karan Johar has set a bad precedent which will embolden the bullies to further bully conscientious filmmakers
2. Bollywood- The industry will be deprived of popular talent from Pakistan and its global following will be reduced as those who looked up to Bollywood to be voice of people across the subcontinent and beyond will realise that Bollywood is not ready to rise to their expectation.
2. Indian public- They have been taken for a ride in the name of nationalism and robbed of their choice to decide what they want to see or not see
3. India’s rule of law-  When bullies call the shots and extra-constitutional forces decide, rule of law is the first casualty
4. India’s position as a liberal and mature democracy has been undermined. When jingoism succeeds in trumping over cultural rights and broad-mindedness, India’s global standing takes a severe beating.
5. Army- The abuse of army’s name for bullying has also considerably harmed the soldiers’ image