Happy Friendship Day! What’s your story?


People world over will be celebrating this Sunday as the Friendship Day by sending greetings to their best friends. ‘Happy Friendship Day’ have been searched more than a million times on Google during the past hour.

This event lately has become one of the most important events in the Indian calendar too. One of the most common ‘rituals’ people practice to express their warmth to the ones they consider their best friends is to send innovative messages to each other.

Bollywood too has used this theme to make several hit movies.

Here are some wishes for the friendship day 2015 you can share with your friends

  1. Crazy days and screwed up nights,
    Tons of Crushes and stupid fights,
    Secrets we will take to the grave,
    Pictures we will forever save.
    Through thick and thin,
    Always true.
    Friends forever,
    Me n U!
    Happy Friendship Day
  2. Friends are like mango,
    you’ll never know which is sweet and which is not.
    Well I’m lucky becoz I was able to find the sweetest mango in you..!
    Happy FriendShip Day
  3. Friendship is a little more trust,
    A little less try,
    A little more laugh,
    And a little less cry,
    A little more WE and a little less I.
    Happy Friendship Day!!!
  4. This is a Big Ship….
    That is a Small Ship…..
    Real Ship is One…..
    That is a FRIENDSHIP.
    Happy Friendship Day 2015
  5. Sending you the best message of wishes
    Of the best day to celebrate our friendship
    Happy friendship day
  6. Make your life a house your heart can live in.
    With a door that is open to receive friends.
    And a garden full of memories
    of many good things.
    Happy Friendship Day
  7. Life Is A Party Whenever I Am With You,
    You Turn My Tears Into Smiles
    When We Share And Laugh Together,
    You Make Me Spend A Lot And It Is Worth It
    Because I Care About You My Dear Friend.
    Happy Friendship Day
  8. A good friend is like a computer,
    He enters in your life,
    Save himself in your heart,
    Formats all your troubles
    And never delete you from his heart.
    Happy Friendship Day 2015.

Every individual has his/her own sweet stories and anecdotes involving their best friends. While most of the best friends are those who may have met in their schools, there are those who despite meeting late in life may have become very close friends.

Jantakareporter.com would like to know your story about your best friends. How and where did you meet? What’s so special about your best friend? Write down your story in no more than 300-500 words and we will try and publish them on our website. Do include your photos with your best friends. Send us your story on Friendship Day at ireport@www.jantakareporter.com

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