“That awkward moment when Subramanian Swamy realised he ended up attacking his own daughter”


Subramanian Swamy abhorrence for Congress is public knowledge now. And his hatred for the journalists with alleged soft spot for India’s grand old party(or Congis as he would like to better put) is no secret either.

But, on Sunday, the veteran BJP leader committed a gaffe of sorts when he tried to ‘expose’ the ‘media cronyism’ of journalists during the UPA rule.

He tweeted a link to a story published in a website, Jan Satyagrah, titled, ‘Journalists who became most frequent media delegates during prime minister’s official foreign visits under UPA regime.’


The report said, “The fun time has gone for the league of editors, and journalists with the proximity of Govt when they often used to get the Bon Voyage for being part of PM’s official overseas visits. An exclusive story after a long compilation of data and information through RTI applications.”

It gave the list of editors/correspondents, who had allegedly enjoyed the luxury of free foreign tours under Manmohan Singh government.

However, the featured image in the tweet posted by Swamy had, among others, his own daughter, Suhasini Haidar.

Suhasini, who’s now with The Hindu worked as a foreign editor with CNN-IBN for several years before making a career move to The Hindu.

The article prominently mentions Suhasini’s name as ‘other notables who have enjoyed a lot the abroad trips of PM, President and the foreign minister under UPA-1 & II.”

Swamy realised his obvious embarrassment and soon posted the following tweet to clarify, “I re-tweeted a tweet of media cronies.Suhasini photo is in that! She is nobody’s crony. I brought her up to be fearless. So pl amend photo.”

Contrary to Swamy’s clarification, the BJP leader had not retweeted but had posted a fresh tweet of the story link.

Swamy’s gaffe hasn’t gone unnoticed on social media. Several people pointed out the gaffe.

Here are some of the social media reactions.




  1. Wah Swamy wah!!!! This is what overenthusiasm does to one. Next time please proof read or give it to your daughter to proof read. You are losing your marbles, Swamy or did you have any??

  2. Sswamy,,daughter episode,is laughter episode!His ancestors juiced congress maximum,to get liabilities.Now he is pinning congress,maximum.

  3. Whether SS gaffed or not or whether his daughter was enjoying UPA benevolence is beside the point but Rahul Kanwal by latching on to it speaks a lot about how hurt he is when truth be told.

  4. Respected Sri subramanian swamy ji,
    You are a scholar and intelligent of highest order.Really i tell you ,you deserve better place in the globe. I earnestly request you to bring out still add some more outstanding knowledge to the existing one in any field of your choice. But the ambiguity in managing fiscal policy and monetary policy ,in particular context where some 49 or so countries are pinning on controlling inflation .And monetary policy became a tool for regulating interest rates and controlling inflation. You please work on that and bring new focus on fiscal and monetary policy administering so that you will be remembered as keyness 2. or Indian keynes
    Person of your stature should not bother about free trips or cronism. I know Mrs haider is definately of that type.
    Don’t G


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