Supreme Court warns Zee News editors, Sudhir Chaudhary and Samir Ahluwalia, directs them to follow procedure or they will be sent back to jail


India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday warned Zee News editors, Sudhir Chaudhary and Samir Ahluwalia, directing them to follow the procedure or else they will be sent back to jail once again.

Both editors, currently out on bail, are facing charges of extortion by industrialist, Naveen Jindal.

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The Chief Justice of India, Justice TS Thakur, came down heavily on Chaudhary and Ahluwalia, who are both facing allegations of extortions up to Rs 100 crore by industrialist Naveen Jindal and are currently out on bail.


Justice Thakur told the editors’ lawyer that the accused journalists will have to return to jail if they withdrew their consent given to Delhi Police as condition to obtain bail.

Delhi Police too raised objections on the editors’ desire to withdraw their consent adding that the two editors were given bail only after they had assured of full cooperation with the investigating agencies.

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The apex court has directed both the accused to submit their replies within two days before it hears the case again on Friday.

Chaudhary and Ahluwalia were arrested in 2012 after a complaint by Jindal’s firm that they had demanded Rs 100 crore in lieu of not airing adverse news against the firm. Chaudhary and Ahluwalia were released on bail later.

Chaudhary was provided with X category personal security after the Narendra Modi government came to power. Zee is often perceived as a mouthpiece of the saffron party, even though the channel has denied the allegations.

Subhash Chandra, the channel’s owner, had earlier this year taken an unprecedented step to come on Live TV to deny allegations of being a BJP sympathiser.

As CEO of Live TV, he was responsible for commissioning a ‘sting’ about a Delhi school teacher, Uma Khurana, accusing her of running a prostitution racket and inducting school kids into it.

This led to her being publicly lynched by the parents, her arrest and complete humiliation. It was later found that the sting was done to settle scores and the accusations were false.

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Chaudhary merely called his reporter a criminal, dusted the opprobrium off, only to be welcomed by Zee News.

Such was the intensity of the crime that the channel Live India was taken off air for over a month.




  1. Kahi Janta Ka Reporter Naveen Jindal ka to nahi ya Kanhaiya (Fake Communist) ka ? Who knows……..?

  2. I support zee News editor Sudir Choudary because he is having patriotism towards his country , I slute him and honour him. The person who is not having patriotism towards his country & supporting anti national elements is………… person.


  4. नवीन जिंदल सरकार में थे, झूठा केस सुधीर पर लगवाये है, जो सुधीर ने कोयला घोटाला उजागर किया था, देश का कितना भला हुवा जिंदल फसे है उनकी जेल जाने की सम्भावना है हम सब लोग सुधीर चौधरी को सपोर्ट करते है

  5. People have realised what a blunder they committed electing these uneducated BJP goondas to power in 2014. An extortionist demanding 100 crore is given x category security by NJP. This government by thugs will be thrown out of the window in 2019, just wait and see. Do not vote for BJP next time in any election.

    • And your comments only prove how big an idiot you really are. Do you even know what Jindal is capable of? He has been accused of getting his own employees killed in the past. Talk facts and then argue. And this government will get a second term in 2019, you wait and see. Bogus Janta Party might be your family’s name clearly.

  6. तीहाडी चौधरी और आलूवालीया, ये हिन्दुस्तान के वह दिमक हैं जिससे हमारा देश और समाज खोखला होता हैं। ये ख़तरनाक पाकिस्तानी आतंकवादी से भी बढे आतंकवादी है जो छिप कर समाज को अंदर ही अंदर दहशत मे रखते हैं और घोर अनैतिक सिलसिला को चलाते हैं उच्चतम न्यायलय को चाहिए की ऐसे दहशतगर्दो को फाँसी की सज़ा सुनाकर समाज को यह संदेश दे की भारतीय समाज मे दहशतगर्दो के लिए कोई जगह नही हैं।

    • Agar sudhir choudhary aur ahluwaliya atankwadi hai to kya ab hum sab afzal aur kadab ko deshbhakt manle??? Baki sab news channels JNU ke mudde ko jhuta sabit karne me lage hai. Baki sab channel congress ke kothe le mujra karte hai. Zee news ek aisa channel hai jispar mai vishwas rakh sakta hu. Tumhare jaise log hi hai jo Hindustan ko andar se khokla kar rahe hai. Wai karo jaldi tumhara bhi safaya ho jayega

  7. I support Sudhir Chaudhary and his team.He is the best journalist of India and doing a very good job by exposing the corruption.

  8. I always watch Sudhir Chaudhary’ s DNA programme at Z News..he never shows the wrong news….He always put the reports with truth and proof…and moreover ….I always used to hear that Naveen Jindal was a simple Gaater maker …then how he became a Millionaire in few years…

  9. I support sudhir chaudhary, aur ye chief justice nhi cheap justice hai
    Gand mein dam hai to hath laga k dikhao ekbaar
    Hindu terror ka matlab samjha diya jayega
    Jai hinduraj

  10. I support Mr.sudhir chowdhury and his team for presenting such report against corruption of various Congress leaders.

  11. Mr Sudhir n z news are always try to distinguish the people and they are the repoter of BJP they never think for the welfare of the socitey.

  12. Sudhir bhai Band kro Dna vala Barkwas Reporting Jo ki Dakiyanusi Akdo pr play kiya jata hai. Aur apka Zee News pura ka pura kendryia Sarkar ki positive Reporting Mai Mast Mgan hai Shram Ani Chaiyee yaa kya pata Positive Reporting ki fees govt sai milti hai. Reporting tou govt ke Kam Kaz Ki Sqrutni Nikalna Aur govt ko Sahi Rasta Dikhana. Pr aap Tou Lagta hai Boss Pure pure Bikee huee Ho

  13. we about one million in backward comunity feel dna is very mature prog n released after due diligence
    keep it sudhirji
    bahujan poora samaj but well educated among many ips ias n top officials

  14. Janta vohi dekh or sunti hai jo sasakh dika tna pasand karta hai there is nothing called journalism, Transparency and clearity is lacking in all news channels,
    The format of delivering news in India is such that these channel do not want to deliver the fact but the news reader want to convince the viewer that what they speak is the only truth. This has become business a big business beyound imagination of innocent viewers.
    So do not rely upon news channel.
    The facts that India has more than 30 news channel speaks that there is big money in the business,
    Delivering news is no business if the same is without any intention and is delivery of only facts.
    But with so many news channel in business there is still scope for more channel because there is more scope for blackmailing.
    There is no regulatory or accountability imposed by government upon journalism.

  15. Khulam khula chori hai day light Robery by News channel hai, under develop country hai bhai. We all are idiots or fools. News channel is educated and intellectual.


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