EXCLUSIVE- Arnab Goswami finally ‘gets inspired’ by Zakir Naik’s definition of terrorism


Last month we saw a relentless campaign by Times Now and its editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami against Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik.

Goswami, through his series of endless programmes and debates, had concluded that Naik was responsible for preaching terror. Launching a new Twitter hashtag #StopZakirNaik, the anchor of Newshour wanted the Indian agencies to act against the Mumbai based Islamic scholar.

zakir naik times now

The channel, like several other media outlets in India, appeared to have based his anti-Naik campaign on a report published in The Daily Star, which later retracted its story and apologised to Naik for false reporting.

Among the Times Now’s charges against Naik were the latter’s series of speeches calling Muslims to be terrorists.

Naik has often said Muslims to be terrorists but only to terrorise the anti-socials and not innocent people.

Arnab may not have seen a rationale in Naik’s point then. But, it seems, the popular anchor has had a silent change of heart and has started agreeing with the man he so aggressively ran the campaign against.

On Friday night, while debating the brutalities committed by the right-wing cow protectors against Muslims and Dalits, Arnab borrowed Naik’s lines to lecture the representatives of Hindutva groups.

To quote him verbatim, Arnab said, “They (Hindutva groups) want to cause terror. if you want to create terror, then do it among rapists. You cause terror among murderers. You cause terror for terrorists.”

Let’s now quote Naik what he said in his innumerable speeches on Muslims becoming terrorists.

“Every Muslim should be a terrorist. Whenever a criminal sees a Muslim he should be terrified. Whenever a rapist sees a Muslim, he should be terrified…Whenever any anti-social element sees a Muslim he should be terrified..”

Questions may be asked why Arnab founds the words uttered by Naik as condoning terrorism but chose to use the same while addressing members of right-wing Hindutva militants, who’ve been flaunting their act to terrorise innocent Muslims and Dalits.


  1. Hats of to you for showing the truth! Even
    while I was watching the same debate, I was wondering If anyone from the news agencies would raise and compare these statements with the statements of Zakir naik which you alone have done giving a befitting reply to pseudo secularists. Really, really impressed, with your unbiased way of journalism. Keep it up…

  2. Now a days situation in India is worse than the time of country ruled by British.No one is able to speak freely because of criminal case will be file against the person.Sir Such news publishing by you is a bold and courageos job.such fair,nutrel and unbaised news and information is very rare now a days.Salute to you andexpect such news infuture.

  3. Arnab studied a lot from Zakir Naik. “They (Hindutva groups) want to cause terror. if you want to create terror, then do it among rapists. You cause terror among murderers. You cause terror for terrorists.” Arnab, you are simply an idiot.

  4. It is an excellent analysis. Arnab should read first and then pass judgement. He pre determines with his shallow knowledge.

  5. arnab dont worry ,whoever is against you today ,will be with u tomorrow.keep followimg dr zakir naik your life will change .everyone must see his video

  6. mr arun shourie and barkha maam.,i think u both have passed from bihar ,coz u people dont understand english .sorry ,pls refer encyclopedia

  7. Arnab.. look at Kashmir …? What do you think
    About your country Will be done..
    Are that Humanities Right..?
    That is Mayor Topic in the world
    Please.. make a reasons health.. dont be stupied..

  8. But I have seen a video where a young zakir Naik says Neanderthal humans are after homo sapiens n blah blah so on.you can still watch it on you tube.whenever he feels cornered he gets angry raises his voice and ends his debate or twists the matter.can’t understand y people r not understanding this

    • He has always has a full fledge debate and he is a fierce debtor. To say that he runs away from debate is beyond me.

  9. Finally Arnab has understood Naik’s correct understanding of Islam, waiting to hear Arnab has now embraced Islam wholeheartedly

  10. Yesterday Rss Member was Short in Punjab, Shall they also Retaliate as Terrorist, The Fire is Ignited by Muslims and Christians always on the first place. Hinduism and india are always victims of Their Atrocities.

    • Ok leave about muslims and Christians. What about Dalits being hacked to death by Rss outfits. No matter how hard you try to paint muslims as terrorists , you will not succeed.

  11. This is the reaction of 500 crore defamation notice….
    Armin and Times Now should be Ashamed to show half truth on his show by showing half lines of Zaker Naik speeches.

  12. I hate this stooge Arnab but I love how you guys portrayed Zakir Naik as some progressive guy. You do not question his understanding of “anti-social” elements- Ahmadiyas? Sufis? Independent women? Yeah in one of the videos he called women who exercise their freedom in matters of sexuality etc as ‘public property’. Yeah he is some progressive guy. Iwonder how not a single comment questions this portrayal of Zakir Naik. He is a supremacist who considers his version of Islam as the most superior one. I wonder why no one questions this aspect either.

    • Dear Sir, I request you to kindly watch it again plz I’m not a fan of him, but ur understanding has to be clear what he said.

  13. These idiots are always looking into words.. jumla..what arnab simply meant to say that these gurakhashaks can better serve the society by taking those issues. As per as zakir naik is concerned..his islam and his muslim god have superiority over all other things.. why he is taking the help of inferior indian judicial system to save his reputation.. let him go to a mosque and pray to muslim god..

    • Isha allh he had already done that mostly. You will see the reasul of it in this life. If not, in next life, then it will be too late. May allah guide you.

  14. are you guys serious . This guy Naik has said that It s okay for Saudi Arbia to ban other religions. You do not have to be brain surgean to understand that according to himwhen a country has a muslim majority they should crush everyone else. He has supported slavery if girls polygamy misogyny and hatred of other religions.
    I will take him on any time. This guy is the most dangerous theocrat, He should not be put behind bars i will challenge him any time any place. This ignoramous does not understand that under Indian logic the testimony of any book is the most unreliable source of knowledge, not the vedas, not the upanishds not the string theory nor Stephen Hawkins view.if any moron wants to believe this guy that is fine but you cannot have this theocrat destroy a civilization that brought science math and Philosophy to the world. does he know who aryabhatta and Panini were
    or does he only know the murdering Aurungzeb

  15. Saudi Arabia is a country that has implemented Sharia Law. It has not banned any other religions, you can see millions of people from other faiths living there. Only thing is that they cannot preach their religion. However it is not applicable to other countries. Each country has its own constitution and Law. A law is applicable to one country does not mean it should be applicable to other countries. Zakir Naik several times have said he is proud of being an Indian.

  16. Arnab has a mass following who see through verbal quibbling to comprehend the world wide threat of Islamic terrorism and it’s accentuated .manifestation in certain parts of Kashmir itself a portion of Jk,not to be misrepresents as terrorism,but when this Naik says he sees a terrorist in every policemen we all can see what and why he means.


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