Yogi Adityanath’s Karnataka visit amidst tragedy: UP CM’s office in Twitter spat with journalist


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was widely called insensitive for his decision to spend time in Karnataka addressing election rallies at a time when nearly 90 people were killed in rain and storm related incidents in his own state.

Yogi Adityanath

Even Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah took a potshot at Adityanath for his insensitivity when the former posted a tweet addressing the people of Uttar Pradesh. Siddaramaiah wrote, “At least 64 people have lost their lives due to a storm in Uttar Pradesh. My heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. I am sorry your CM is needed here in Karnataka. I am sure he will return soon & attend to his work there.”

On Sunday ABP News devoted a special programme to debate if it was acceptable for a state’s chief minister to leave his population in distress to help his party secure votes in a faraway state. Plugging his programme, journalist Abhisar Sharma tweeted, “Come back to Uttar Pradesh from Karnataka Yogi Adityanath… No one will blame you… Starting 10 AM, the biggest coverage on ABP News. The state affected by storm, deaths, unrest in Aligarh Muslim University. #AMU #Toofan.”

Adityanath’s official Twitter handle immediately reacted to Abhisar’s tweet and clarified that the state government had taken adequate measures to provide relief to the affected population. The tweet also added that the concerned ministers were visiting the affected regions.

While replying to Adityanath’s office, Abhisar also taunted why the UP Chief Minister’s official Twitter handle had deleted a tweet, which lectured the journalist to do ‘his homework.’ He wrote, “Too right Yogi ji. We too had shown this. But, it is also necessary to ask whether the chief minister’s presence in the state is not important at the time of a tragedy. We have many similar examples from the past too.”

Nearly 90 people have been killed in Wednesday’s rain and storm with Agra being the most affected region. Meanwhile, faced with condemnation, Adityanath was finally forced to cut short his Karnataka trip and return to Uttar Pradesh, where he is reported to have embarked on his trips to the affected areas.

ABP News has earned plenty of plaudits from audience for daring to question the chief minister while most channels looked the other day.


  1. Yogi ji. Aap agar sahi yogi. As per hindu mythology agar hain to shiv bhakth ki chetana do. Shivji ke param bhakth ravan hi galat rasthe jaakar uska kya huva saari duniya jaanti hai. Agar aap shiv bhakth hain to shivji ka paath padao. Vidhya do. Yeh raajneeti chodo. Yeh duniya kisike kaam nahin aayegi. But shivji kaam aayenge.


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