Woman claiming to be former associate of Ramdev makes grave allegations against Yoga guru, video goes viral


A woman claiming to be a former associate of Ramdev has made a series of grave allegations against the popular Yoga guru. In the video, now being fervently shared on social media platforms (watch below), the woman, who identifies herself as ‘Dr Meera’ accuses Ramdev of being responsible for the ‘murder’ of the latter’s guru Rajiv Dixit.


The woman in the video says that she had joined Ramdev because she wanted to become a saint but she allegedly went through a great deal of pain after she witnessed how ‘criminal’ had ‘worn fake clothes of religion.’

She says, “I’m doctor Meera from Haridwar. I joined Ramdev as I wanted to follow the religious ways, I wanted to become a saint. But the pain I saw in the name of religion, the cruelty I saw, I just can not explain it in words. Criminals have worn the fake clothes of religion. They are willing to go to any extent to loot the country in the name of ‘swadeshi,’ but they themselves will wear Woodland’s shoes. Hypocrites…I went around everywhere with all the evidences that these people murdered Guru, Rajiv Dixit.”

Dixit, who is believed to have conceived the idea for Patanjali, was found dead in November 2010 in Chhattisgarh. Ramdev has often been blamed for his murder even the yoga guru has vehemently denied the allegations. In 2012, he was quoted by PTI as saying, “There has been conspiracy to blame me for his death. I never thought people can go to this extent to blame me.” He was making these comments in response to a statement made by a senior Congress leader, who accused him of having his guru murdered.

In her book Gurus – Stories of India’s Leading Babas, author Bhavdeep Kang says how Patanjali said that Dixit’s death was a ‘cardiac arrest,’ but, for mysterious reasons, neither was a post-mortem done nor the media told of his passing.

The cremation was done by Ramdev and Rajiv’s brother Pradeep. There are believed to have been uneasy murmurs among the late activist’s associates.

Rajiv, a scientist, had worked abroad and returned to India in 1992 to launch an indigenous swadeshi movement called the Azadi Bachao Andolan. “It must, however, be noted that Baba Ramdev does not admit to being influenced by either Dixit or Arya Samaj; he insists that Dixit had learnt from him and not the other way round,” Kang observes.

In the viral video, the woman also says that she even wrote to Prime Minister Narendra and got an acknowledgment for her 44-page letter adding that she also approached media channels complaining of Ramdev’s alleged misdeeds.

“I wrote a 44-page letter to the Prime Minister, I even have the acknowledgement. I went to the media, and I believe they settled the matter with Ramdev. Although, I have the voice recordings of my conversation as evidence of media being sold out. I filed 3 court cases against Ramdev, out of which two are ongoing and one got buried.

“Then I went after the minister who buried the case, I filed an RTI request and then the case was filed. Everybody knows everything but no one wants to come forward, including the SP, DSP, the Chief Minister.”

She then goes on to allege that fake products are being sold under Patanjali brand. She says, “These people have done severe crimes including the murder of Guru, selling fake products to the nation. They’re selling fake honey, fake ghee which are highly contaminated. I’ve been in their production unit, so I know all this and I can very well prove it.

“They are selling a Rs 20 medicine for Rs 200. I welcome everyone to initiate an inquiry. And I’m sure a cruel truth would come out. Ramdev is a hypocrite. He says ‘I don’t wear stitched clothes, but everyone knows how he escaped the Ramleela on 4 June 2011. He claims to never marry and live a saint’s life. But he has many ‘honeypreets’ to serve him.

Ramdev is no lesser evil than the Ramayan’s devil Kalnemi who wanted to delude Hanuman. You all are getting deluded just like that. Today’s Kalnemi rakshas, i.e. Ramdev, is squeezing every last drop of your blood to loot more and more money. Truth can only prevail through the people in this country. Ramdev gives crores to news channels every month. He warns journalists like Punya Prasun Bajpai that he will not tolerate them. What is all this? This is the real ‘baba.’ Let’s talk about Maggi. Maggi is the product that Army trusts. But everybody knows the rest.”

In March, a video of a man ‘exposing’ Patanjali founder Ramdev’s claims on his company’s ghee had gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, a man was seen debunking Ramdev’s claims on Patanjali ghee being India’s biggest brand.

We sent a request for reaction to Patanjali, but the company has not replied to our email sent on 6 June last week. We will update the story as soon as we hear from Ramdev or Patanjali.


  1. Come on guys.. grow up.. How many years you play the same old tactics of alleging some popular figure with some kind of illegal marital links!! Where is this great lady sleeping all these years?? What stopped her from coming out all these years and why she is so interested now to be claimed as a kin of baba??

  2. Janta ka reporter kinda leftist ya congress walon ka channel hai kya Pappu ke national herald ke case ke baare me bhi bataya karo yaar or wo justice wala case yaad hai jisme 4 pagal justice ne hamare Supreme Court ki credibility ko kharab kiya ye to cji ke haath me hota kisi bhi judge ko koi bhi case de me bhi advocate hu par janta ka reporter chutiya banata hai sach bola karo bhai Jai hind Jai Bharat

  3. lmao….most of the medicines are below 150/ rs, i think she didnt get high post while working in patanjali,all and most products are cleared by fssai,there is no way products are contaminated,tetra pack production is much better than those in usa.
    sorry dear you are lying,

  4. ये मानसिक रूप से बीमार औरत है। ये 2007 से बाबा का विरोध कर रही है तब तो केंद्र और राज्य में कांग्रेस की सरकार थी। कांग्रेस तो वैसे ही बाबा के पीछे बहुत बुरी तरह से पडी थी।100 से ज्यादा मुकदमे कर दिये थे। अगर कांग्रेस को कहीं कोई छोटीसी भी कमी मिल जाती तो बाबा को जेल हो जाती । तब इसके सबूत क्यों काम नहीं आये? दिल्ली लीला मैदान में बाबा को जान से मारने की कोशिश की थी। बाबा जान बचा कर भाग गये थे । शायद यही इसका दुःख है।
    ये कहती है कि मैं भी साधू बनना चाहती थी तो रोका किसने था? भारत में लाखों लोग साधु बने हुए है क्या इन सबको राम देव ने ही बनाया है? वैसे भी इतनी कलुषित बुद्धि के साथ साधु बना भी नही जा सकता है।

  5. It has become a fashion these days to blame eminent personalities in order to gain popularity. It is also possible that behind the scene there may be some party and money exchange. Baba Ramdev have given a lot to the people of every religion about the healthy living

  6. There is no credibility in the statements made by this lady who calls herself Dr. Meera. Seems to be a case of political witch hunting.


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