Man ‘exposes’ Ramdev’s claims on Patanjali’s ghee, video goes viral


Video of a man ‘exposing’ Patanjali founder Ramdev’s claims on his company’s ghee has gone viral on social media platforms.

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In the video, a man is seen debunking Ramdev’s claims on Patanjali ghee being India’s biggest brand. The man in the video quotes Ramdev as saying that Patanjali produces 16 lakh litres of ghee everyday adding that the company needed four crore litres of milk everyday.

“You need 25 litres of milk to produce one litre(kg) of ghee. By this calculation, Ramdev needs 4 crore litres of milk every day. And assuming that one farmer supplies 10 litres of milk to Patanjali against, let’s say, Rs 40 per litre of milk, that farmer is earning Rs 400 from Patanjali every day. This also means that Patanjali is directly helping 40 lakh farmers. But is this true?”

He then goes on to ask if Patanjali indeed buys milk to produce ghee. He alleges that Patanjali doesn’t buy more than 10 litres of milk from outside and instead purchases adulterated ghee from smaller brands before repackaging it as Patanjali ghee. He concludes by saying that what one is consuming is poisonous ghee in the name of Patanjali products.

Not so long ago, author Priyanka Pathak-Narain, had questioned in her book Godman to Tycoon: the Untold Story of Baba Ramdev, if the cow ghee sold by Patnajali was indeed being sourced from cow milk. In her book she recounted a conversation with SK Patra, a former chief executive officer of Patanjali Ayurved, in which he says that Ramdev’s famous “cow ghee” may not be cow ghee at all.

Patanjali has not yet reacted to this video. A spokesperson for Patanjali wrote to Janta Ka Reporter, “Thank you for showing interest in connecting with us. We have noted the details and will update you at the earliest.”

We will update the story when the company chooses to issue its statement.

You can watch the video below;


  1. खाने पीने की चीज़ों में भी धोखाधड़ी और मिलावट चल रही है. लोग बीमार न पड़ेंगे तो कसून होगा? सच ही कहा है कि इंसान आज उसी डाली पर बैठा है जिसे वो काट रहा है. दुर्भाग्य देश का कि आज सिर्फ पैसा कमाना ही प्रमुख उद्देश्य हो गया है चाहे उसके लिए कितने ही अपराध क्यों न करने पड़ें?

  2. Edible oil bhi nakli oil hai.
    Patanjali company Rajasthan ke purane gande oil mills se adulterated oil kharid kar apna Patanjali ka label laga kar sell kar rahi.
    Aur kah rahi hai ki ye oil Patanjali ne banaya hai.

  3. ये तो सही है। लाला रामदेव ने चार साल पहले जो काला धन की बीन चुनाव में बजाई उसका फुल लाभ अपने ब्रांड को बेचने में लिया। योग गया तेल लेने अब तो आटा चावल बेचो। जो नूडल दूसरे बनाते वो खराब लाला रामदेव वाला अमृत। ये तो हद ही है

  4. It is obvious that cow ghee of patanjali is not genuine. To make one litre of desi cow ghee it takes atleast 30 litres of cow milk that is 1200 rupees And they are selling at 500-600rupees.People should avoid all pocket mills and ghee available in market as they have no nutritional value

  5. Kindly do some calculation yourself as well . It’s blatant lie that you are telling people. If it takes 25 litre milk to produce a litre of ghee and milk costs 40₹ a litre, as you mentioned, then production cost of a litre of ghee itself should have been (25)*(40)=1000₹.
    But the market price of ghee is ₹560. Stop misguiding the already misguided. Bring facts and push it hard.

  6. Ye vedio bilkul theek h. I totaly agree with this. Ramdev duniya ko pagal bna rahe h.jisne desi ghee khaya usko to pta h kya desi h or kya local itna kehna chahugi ki patanjali ghee bilkul achcha nhi j.

  7. His Maths is super-flawed here. Let’s calculate – 16 lac litres of Ghee at 580/ rs a litre will fetch 93Cr of revenue per day from only Ghee business. For a year – 365*93 = 3. 3k Cr of revenue . Whereas , patanjali actually had some 1.4 k Cr of business from Ghee . Thanks ts not a well researched theory , just a half- cooked hunchy emotional appeal !

  8. @Samir Padhi: You are allergic to anything anti-saffron hence you are discrediting this media company. Babas and bhakts may come and go but the truth will never change.
    I hope the Indian consumer forum and FSSAI look into Patanjali and expose them for what they really are.

  9. Bhai log suno log usi ke peeche padte hai jo kuch sahi acha kar raha ho …kyu ki wo khud bada ya naya nahi kar pate to dosro ko pareshan hi karo….

  10. This is not limited to ghee, what about other products??? Highly doubted on other products too…
    Today I have seen one product of patanjali where the manufactured date is 04/2018 now we are in 03/2108 this is how they are doing business at cost of our lives…

  11. Boring news everyone knows that. Why don’t India increases the duty of palm oil by 500 percent. Yehi to origin hai nakli oils ghees ka. Govt is responsible no one else. It is done under govt and police protection.

  12. बहुत अच्छा लगा ।।
    लेकिन जो आज पतंजली पर ऊगली उठा रहे है वो किसी विदेशी कंपनियों की तरफ कभी उंगली करके भी देखा करें तो अपनी ओकात समझ में आ जायेगी ।। सब सेटीग है ।। इस देश का भला कब होगा पता नहीं ।।

  13. Milk collection system is as follow, farmers take their milk to collection centre, centre buys it for ₹17(Rates in Maharashtra). Center sells it to dairy giant for 20₹. Ghee is produced with cream taken from milk, milk needs to be boiled then take off the cream, and sell boiled homogenised milk in pakcets with 3% fat label on it.Lets say 1 LTR ghee can be produced with 25 Ltrs of milk i.e 25 x 20 = ₹500 , 1 LTR ghee is old for 490₹ , 1 LTR milk is sold for 50₹ , 490 + 50= 540₹. That guy is correct…

  14. Why is janatakareporter not exposing the wax in Foreign noodle companies? the harmful chemicals used in foriegn cosmetics and biscuits?

    Scared of foriegn companies cases or are you one of those slave mentalities who think anything from West is Amrit?

  15. The best milk/Ghee comes from the Gyr Cow (from India) and this Ghee is NOT pure. It’s so sad that profit is put before purity. The effects of Kuli-Yuga. This Hump cow A2A2 milk, ghee, stool, urine etc is the key to a happy life. Although we are so sinful we only have access to this hybrid cow (bred with pig). Damn this Patanjali ghee!


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