‘Vulgar’ Ashoke Pandit slammed by twitter users for insulting Congress spokeswoman on live TV


There is never a dull moment on Indian TV channels. TV ‘debates’ have now come to be known as the new form of journalism for Indian TV channels.

This new-found format of journalism provides win-win formula to both the channel owners and the so-called experts invited to take part in these ubiquitous debates.

Channels end up creating hours of content without spending much money on otherwise expensive newsgathering exercise by huddling everybody under one roof. This is considerably cheaper option than having to pay towards reporters/cameramen to do meaningful journalism.

From the participating guests’ point of view, this format provides them the much-needed short fame on TV screens and if the channels are generous, they also end of being paid for their not-so-enlightening contributions.

However, the channels’ desperation to outshine each other with creating multiple windows in a bid to sustain this overly repetitive format has its own pitfalls.

As the exercise often emanates from desperation to fill the screens with relatively cheaper content, the channels often end up inviting people, who lack the required intellect, class and grace.

We saw how a so-called baba resorted to physical and verbal abuse to a lady guest on IBN7 not so long ago.

Saturday provided the similar ugly moment when Ashoke Pandit, who claims to be a Bollywood director but has no tangible works to substantiate his credentials, resorted to foul language and insinuation against a Congress’ lady spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi.

Pandit, known for yelling and aggressive behaviour on live TV, told Chaturvedi, “I don’t need a certificate from such third rated spokesperson because we know how these people have climbed ranks in their party.”

Pandit’s angry reaction was in response to Chaturvedi’s allegation that he had merely used the plight of displaced Kashmiri Pandits to further his political and professional ambitions. (see the video)

Pandit is now facing heat from twitter users for his ‘utterly obnoxious’ and ‘sexist’ remarks.

Journalist Nikhil Vaghle wrote;

Rahul Pandita, himself a Kashmiri Pandit, tweeted;

Chaturvedi’s colleague and Congress leader from Jammu and Kashmir, Salman Anees Soz, tweeted;

Here are some other comments by twitter users;



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