Madhya Pradesh govt invokes NSA against former BJP leader for beef possession

Madhya Pradesh government has invoked National Security Act against former BJP leader Anwar Mev for possessing ‘beef.’

Mev, also known as Anna, was a BJP office-bearer until last week when the party expelled him after meat alleged to be beef was found from his house on Wednesday.

After invoking the NSA, police sent Anwar to Ujjain jail. Nine other accused, including his sons, brothers and nephews, have been kept in the local jail. Two more accused are at large.

According to a report published in Indian Express, Anwar and his family have denied the allegation saying the meat found in his house was of buffalo but the police have relied upon the primary report, which said it was a cow meat.

District Collector Ashutosh Awasthi claimed Anwar said that Mev was a habitual offender, and cited a report from the government veterinary hospital to say the meat at his house was cow’s. An advisory board would decide whether the detention under the NSA was justified or not, he said.

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