After Kumar Vishwas, Yogendra Yadav too launches attack against Arvind Kejriwal


Yogendra Yadav, the founder of Swaraj India and one of the founding members of the Aam Aadmi Party, on Wednesday launched a stunning attack against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Yogendra Yadav

Taking to Twitter, Yadav wrote that he was ashamed on having defended Kejriwal against the charges of corruption by Kapil Mishra.

He wrote, “I used to say, whatever his other faults @ArvindKejriwal cannot be bought. Defended him against Kapil Mishra’s allegations. Now I don’t know what to say. Speechless, ashamed and numb.”

Another former colleague of Kejriwal, Mayank Gandhi, too accused AAP of having become corrupt.

He wrote, “Think. Why was Sushil Gupta selected? Now there is no diff between AAP and BSP. This leadership isn’t worth supporting. I can today say w/o any doubt – AAP has become corrupt.
After communal & caste vote bank politics – we hv crossed the last bastion – CORRUPTION. (sic).”

Yadav and Gandhi, both founding members of AAP, were unceremoniously expelled from the party in the past. While Gandhi devoted his time on social work, Yadav along with lawyer Prashant Bhushan launched a political outfit, Swaraj India.

AAP’s highest decision making body, Political Affairs Committee, on Wednesday had approved the names of ND Gupta, Sushil Gupta and Sanjay Singh for the three Rajya Sabha seats. The choice of ND Gupta and, more crucially, Sushil Gupta, has left many surprised. Not so long ago, Sushil Gupta was a Congress functionary and had even contested the assembly polls on the party’s ticket.

Sushil Gupta was also known for publicly attacking Kejriwal in the past. A photo of Sushil Gupta, then the chairman of Delhi State Traders’ Congress, had put up several posters around the national capital criticising Kejriwal for wasting public money on ‘personal publicity.’

The last date of filing the nominations for these three seats is 5 January, while the elections will take place on 16 January.


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