This BJP MP’s extraordinary statement confirms BJP’s link to lynching of Muslims


In Kathua gang rape and gruesome murder case, the BJP’s direct link to the alleged rapists and killers of an 8-year-old became known to the wider world. Now, the murders of two Muslims in yet another BJP-ruled Jharkhand on suspicion of cattle-theft has truly established the saffron party’s involvement in public lynchings of members of minority community.


Last week, two Muslim men were beaten to death by a violent mob in Godda district of Jharkhand. The disturbing video of the violent mob ruthlessly folding the dead body of one of the victims on a cycle had gone viral. The incident had caused huge outrage with activists questioning the lawlessness under yet another BJP-ruled state.

Police had arrested four individuals, identified as Munsi Murmu, Kameshwar Soren, Kishan Rai and Bhukul Kishku, who were suspected to have lynched the two Muslim men just few days before Eid. Superintendent of Police, Rajiv Ranjan, had told reporters that this was after Imran Ansari, the father of one of those killed, had filed an FIR complaining of rioting and murder among other charges.

Now a BJP MP has stunningly announced that he would provide the financial help to the killers of two Muslim men. Nishikant Dubey, the BJP MP from Godda, told NDTV that it was his duty to help the murderers of Muslim men fight their case ‘from the lower court to the Supreme Court.’

“They’ve been falsely implicated. They’ve been sent to jail. Those, who can’t fight their case, the government provides them legal aid. And since I am their MP, I, in my capacity, will take care of every single expense that they will incur in fighting their case from the lower court to the Supreme Court,” he was quoted by NDTV. 

In April this year, Union Minister Janyant Sinha had sensationally asked for a CBI probe into the Ramgarh lynching case of a Muslim trader, after a court awarded life sentence to 11 people, believed to be members of a Hindutava gang, in March this year.

The ruling BJP’s direct support to the murderers of Muslims assumes significance in light of the latest data on the public lynchings of the members of India’s largest minority community since Narendra Modi became the prime minister.

25 Indians have been killed in 60 separate incidents between 2010 and 2017 with as many as 97% of these attacks being reported after Modi government came to power in May 2014, said a report compiled by IndiaSpend. Half of the cow-related violence–30 of 60 cases–were from states governed by the BJP when the attacks were reported.

Of the 25 Indians who died over the eight-year period, 21 or 84% were Muslims. As many as 139 people were also injured in these attacks. More than half (52%) of these attacks were based on rumours, the IndiaSpend report concluded.

Earlier this year, two BJP MLAs in Jammu and Kashmir had attended a rally organised by the right-wing Hindutva group in support of the alleged rapists and murderers of Kathua’s 8-year-old Muslim child.

Dubey had earlier also posted a tweet, which appeared to justify the public lynching of the two Muslims in Jharkhand on Wednesday. His tweet had read, “Murder is an inhuman act and it’s condemnable in a civilised society. But the theft of cattle and their smuggling to Bangladesh is also an issue in Jharkhand.”

Dubey’s support for the alleged murderers of two Muslim men also assumes significance in light of the recent communal clash in Ranchi after alleged BJP supporters attacked two Muslim clerics. One of them was attacked with iron rods after the Hindutva goons asked him to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram.’




  1. BJP can not deny it ideological mentor RSS. And RSS ideology is known now to every one. It is the duty of every sane person to stop this bigoted ideology from spreading into our houses and turning our youth into criminals and murderers. This balatkari banaya party has nothing to deliver except hate and divisive politics. We will be pushed back into digression rather than development if we again make the same mistake as we did in 2014. As of now raise your voice and say not in my name.


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