Cattle ban: Tamil superstar tells BJP to ‘stop this Hindu nation narrative’


Tamil superstar Siddharth has told the BJP to stay out of ‘people’s private choices’ and stop the ‘Hindu nation narrative.’

tamil superstar siddharth

Throwing his weight behind those who’ve protesting against the Centre’s new cattle ban, Siddharth tweeted, “Dear #BJP you have power. Empower #India. Stay out of people’s private choices. Stop this #Hindu nation narrative. We are better than that.”

In his next few tweets, the popular actor wrote, “The row about #cattle markets is unnecessary and only polarises people. State govts allow or disallow slaughter. #Center should stay out. Most of us are neither #bhakts nor #libtards or whatever these ugly names are. We are just #Indians. Live and let live. Stop the hate!”

The Centre’s notification banning sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter has caused huge unrest in two south Indian states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where students and political parties have taken to streets to lodge their protests.

The Madras High Court on 30 May had put a stay on the Narendra Modi government’s notification for four weeks while seeking its response to PILs which contended that the rules should have been approved by Parliament first.

Several places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been witnessing protests during the past few days against the ban on sale of cattle for slaughter. Protesters have alleged that it infringed upon the food habits of people.

‘Beef Fests’ were also held in various parts of Kerala to protest the Centre’s decision of banning sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter, even as Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said he would approach the prime minister in this matter.

IIT-Madras PhD scholar, hailing from Kerala was attacked for by some students, who were protesting against a “beef fest” held on the campus.

Kerala Assembly Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan on Wednesday wrote to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami, seeking stern action against those responsible for the attack.


  1. Dirty media. Who told you that Siddharth or whoever it is, is a Tamil super star? I even never heard of his name.

  2. Dear Siddharth . If u have guts why can not you tell the same things to inhuman people butchering a baby. It is shame you have the name Siddharth means epitome of Ahimsa. We are afraid to stay next ur house on account of ur unbridled eating habits.

  3. Bhakt is not a dirty word kindly convey that to the actor and the government has not interfered it has only regulated cattle trade and that too on the direction of the Honourable Supreme Court please don’t spread false narratives and to the actor please educate yourself about the matter before commenting on it


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