NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan hailed after she tells BJP’s Sambit Patra to ‘apologise or leave my show’


Twitter has been flooded with congratulatory messages for journalist Nidhi Razdan after the video of the NDTV anchor telling off the BJP’s Sambit Patra went viral on Twitter.

On 1 June, Razdan was hosting a debate on the politics of cattle ban and its fallout that saw a prominent BJP leader in Meghalaya, Bernard Marak, quitting the saffron party in protest. On the show, she also informed how a leader from the Manipur’s National People’s Party, an alliance partner in the BJP-led government in the state, had written to Prime Minister expressing his serious reservations on the Centre’s cattle ban.

This irked Patra, who began to question the channel’s integrity. He told Razdan that her channel had an ‘agenda’ and it was indulging in spreading misinformation.

Patra’s allegations did not go down well with the show’s host, who demanded an apology from the BJP spokesperson or quit the show. She also asked Patra to consider going to TV channels that, according to her, were the glorified versions of the government-owned Doordarshan.

Patra did not apologise and, therefore, was not ‘allowed’ to continue speak further.

Razadan’s act has earned her plenty of plaudits on social media, particularly on the microblogging site, Twitter.

Here are some of the reactions;