After Start Up India, now Modi’s rail ministry caught endorsing political tweet


The rail ministry’s decision to introduce flexi fare system for passengers of Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express has caused widespread criticism. Opposition parties have criticised the Narendra Modi government’s decision to make train travel even more expensive.

Among those who attacked the government on the introduction of surge pricing starting from today was Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Kejriwal, who was travelling in train to Punjab on Thursday, tweeted, “I am in shatabdi rt now. Spoke to several people. Everyone is against Modi Govt’s surge pricing. (sic)”


Delhi chief minister’s claim was contradicted by a user on Twitter. User Aakash Gautam wrote, “I am in same Shatabdi. You didn’t speak to anyone. People hooted seeing you entering in coach. (sic)”

What followed next was shocking. Fully aware that this was a politically motivated tweet, Gautam’s post on Twitter was retweeted by Ministry of Railways (see below).


This is not the first time Modi’s ministries or key departments under him have used official social media handles to settle political scores against rivals.

Not so long ago in July, had reported how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet initiative Start Up India had shared two hateful messages tweeted by right-wing trolls.

Both hateful messages were shared by the official Twitter handle of Start Up India.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has long been criticised for allegedly encouraging the nasty right-wing Twitter trolls by even following some of them on the microblogging site.

But the incessant criticism has not deterred him from unfollowing them thereby prompting many to conclude that the trolls, often notorious for hurling abuses at female social media users and journalists critical of the central government’s policies, enjoyed tacit approval of the prime minister.

The latest development highlights a dangerous trend of bhakts (known Modi supporters) managing key government social media pages and using them to incite hatred and extract political mileage.



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