Sridevi may have been murdered, alleged retired IPS Officer


Just when we thought that dusts had finally settled on the conspiracy theories surrounding Sridevi, a former IPS Officer in Delhi has sensationally alleged that the legendary actor’s death may not have been due to accidental drowning. Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police in Delhi Police, Ved Bhushan has alleged that Sridevi may have been murdered.

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Bhushan, who now runs a private detective agency, told reporters that the death certificate issued by the UAE agency raised several questions.

Bhushan said that veteran actor Sridevi was murdered, even as the forensic report by UAE authority ruled out any kind of foul play in her death. He said, “With all respect towards Dubai law, we were not satisfied by Sridevi’s death as ‘Accidental drowning’, We wanted to know what has happened to her exactly There were many questions left unanswered. So we went to dubai to collect all the facts.

Bhushan said that he had travelled to the hotel in Dubai, where Sridevi was staying at the time of her death. He said that he wasn’t allowed to enter the room, where the legendary actor stayed in forcing him to recreate the scene in the adjacent room.

Bhushan’s stunning allegations have come even as the Supreme Court recently dismissed a petition seeking a probe into Sridevi’s death. A three-judge bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, had rejected the petition filed by one petitioner Sunil Singh.

The Retd. ACP of Delhi Police said, “Sridevi died mysteriously and questions need to be answered, some questioned posed after her death were relevant and logical. We felt something was hidden.

“What was the reason for closing the case because within few hours of after they said the investigation was going on, suddenly an announcement was made saying it had been closed.”

He added, “It’s very easy to put someone in bathtub forcefully, until victims breathing stops without leaving evidence of crime. And label as a accidental death. This looks a planned murder.”

Bhushan said that the the death certificate issued by the Dubai authority was amateurish since they could not even spell ‘drowning’ properly. He said that Dawood Ibrahim’s involvement too could not be ruled out since ‘he wielded enormous clout on the UAE royal family.’

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy too had hinted at Dawood’s involvement soon after Sridevi’s death shocked the world. “It doesn’t appear to me the facts that have come out in the media are consistent. She never drank hard liquor, so how did it enter her system? Was she forcibly fed? What happened to the CCTV, we have not heard a word about that,” Swamy had told ANI.

Bhushan added, “This case required high level of investigation which we did to reveal the truth. Our investigation is not yet complete but we firmly believe that Sridevi’s death is probable murder.”

Bhushan added, “Sridevi died mysteriously and questions need to be answered, some questioned posed after her death were relevant and logical. We felt something was hidden.”

Sridevi had died of accidental drowning at a Dubai hotel in February this year. She was recently conferred with the National Awards for her acting in ‘Mom.’ She is survived by husband Boney Kapoor and daughters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.


  1. The matter needs thorough investigation. There is no point in pushing the matter under the rug despite so many irregularities and dubious insinuations. Honorable Supreme Court should take cognizance.

  2. The news is still weirded to realise….fumes of suspicion is still in the air…..all looks created since it has no firm logic n solid grounds….the actual story is still under covers…also a simple paper of UAE’s report is not enough n seriously give rise more high of stealing the reality probabilities……kuch toh golmal hai….

  3. This is definitely a murder. Some points –
    1. Boney was supposedly under debt and Sri had insurance policy.
    2. It was stated that there was not a single droplet of water outside the bath tub.Very unlikely, if she first got into the empty tub and then opened the tap then it must be overflowing and if the tub was already filled then there must be some splashes out.
    3. Boney claims that bathroom door was not locked from inside then how is it possible that after so many calls to Sri, he did not bother to just go and check if all was OK.
    4. It was stated Sri was under alcohol influence. If so why Boney allowed her to take bath and did not check if everything was OK, when she was not responding to his calls.
    There are many things which arouse suspicion.

  4. You educated moron. There are many other important things in india which needs attention. Rather than using ur education and experience for the betterment of this country u old hags are obsessed with some died actress. Dumb ass

  5. There should be a thorough investigation behind sri ji’s death … This officer should be allowed to investigate the case thoroughly and bring the truth out.. Even jaya lalitha ji’s death needs to be probed..

  6. Apprehensions on the sudden death wee rife and there was no noticeable support for enquiry. When there was a delay in post mortem report, questions should have been raised by journalists and rights activists


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