Sony issues last warning to Kapil Sharma, improve ratings in one month or part ways


In the biggest setback to comedian and actor Kapil Sharma yet, Sony TV has reportedly issued an ultimatum asking him to mend fences with Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar and improve the show’s ratings within a month.

sony warning kapil sharma

According to Times of India, the channel, which hosts Kapil Sharma Show, has warned the comedian that his failure to win over his former co-stars and audience in one month will lead to contract being cancelled.

Sony TV, according to sources, was in talks with Sharma to renew the contract, which expires in April, and was offering a whopping Rs 702 crore. However, since the three key actors from the show have walked out in protest, the channel has developed cold feet.

On Friday, 64% people had told Janta Ka Reporter that they will not watch Kapil Sharma Show without Grover being a part of it.

Sharma has had to face a massive revolt of sorts after he allegedly abused and physically assaulted Grover during a flight journey from Australia.

This had prompted Grover to quit the show forcing Sharma to issue a public apology.

Grover had later posted a gut-wrenching letter asking Sharma not to behave like God. Soon, he received support from other actors including Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, both of whom refused to take part in Sony TV’s popular show.

There are reports that Sony is not keen to renew the Rs 107 crore contract with Sharma. Meanwhile, Colors is reportedly in conversation with Grover to launch a rival comedy show against Sharma.

Although, a section of media on Monday reported that Grover was back in the show, the latter’s social media post later appeared to contradict the story.

He, however, returned to Sony TV to shoot a special act while playing the character of Dr Mashoor Gulati, it was for another reality show, Indian Idol. Even though, Sharma was shooting barely few meters away in the Film City, he made no efforts to reach out to Grover.


  1. Kapil Sharma was under impression that his show was One Man show. Now audiences proved that it is only team effort for success of show not alone Kapil.

    • kapil sharma always said it is team eork invluding audience.In many shows he said these words.
      Now how can people say,it is one man dhow.He even said sorry.But sunil has now showing his
      proud.The one who regrets and say sorry is not a proudy man.

    • Brother I do accept its not an one man show but we have to accept after kapil took them than only they gathered that success not before that…. accept that. And it will better that we should stop our comments as we nothing about the incident. Media is always the worst part for big names and let’s not forget EARLIER ONCES SUNIL GROVER WENT OUT OF THE SHOW DUE HIS SCRIPT LEAKING ISSUES , SO HE HIMSELF IS A CHETER AND NOW HE IS TRYING SOME THING ELSE EVEN THAT COULD BE ONE MORE TRICK.

  2. Dr gulti,githi,dadi, all cractors, created by Kapil, other just wanted make easy money.before Kapil no channels pay big money to comedians, he make comedians to star, he gives lot to all.we should tanks to him.

  3. Kapil sharma made those guys called as Sunil, Ali, sugandha, chandan and others ..yes it’s a team effort but in reality they would be nothing unless kapil showed up….kapil sharma is great comedian and an entertainer. We won’t stop watching his show..sometime some mistakes happens but we don’t know the actual truth about the matter so it’s better to stop making comments.we sit back to our tv and enjoy them knowing nothing we pass comments. The biggest mistakes by humen beings. Stop that and if there is any kind of problem going on let them sort out by their own…we will watch kapil and we will always as we love him and like him..


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