In Portugal, Modi ‘refuses’ to come out of his car until cameramen arrive


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hailed the contributions of the more than 65,000 Indians in Portugal, saying they were India’s “real ambassadors” and have enriched the culture of the country they have made their home.

portugal modi camera
“Indians have carried their cultural heritage with them and have always been proud of them,” Modi said addressing the diaspora Indians in Lisbon.

After Modi arrived in Lisbon, he also visited The Champalimaud Foundation, which is a leading cancer research and treatment centre in Portugal.

However, in a bizarre twist of event, the Indian prime minister ‘refused’ to alight his car for a prolonged duration until two cameramen, understandably travelling with him, had arrived and taken their positions.

In the video, two officials are seen attempting to open the door of the car Modi is sat in, but they quickly change their minds for mysterious reasons.

Soon one official is seen looking at his left in desperation. Moments later two cameramen appear from the same direction hurriedly seen taking their positions. The official in question again peeps into the car for a conversation with Modi following which the prime minister finally emerges out of his official vehicle.

Modi’s fascination for the camera has often been a butt of social media jokes. One of Modi’s most famous videos displaying his penchant for camera was when he had visited the Facebook headquarter in the US.

In the viral video, he was seen pushing the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg away because he had come in between the camera and himself.

In January last year, the prime minister pushing a member of his staff because he had come in between him and the camera was fervently shared on twitter, Facebook and instant messaging platform WhatsApp.


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