Modi pushes aside his staff for camera, video goes viral


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always earned ire and ridicule from his political detractors for his penchant for camera.

More recently,  a video of Modi pushing the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg because he had blocked the prime minister from camera’s view had gone viral.

Several other images of Modi making every effort to look at the camera were posted by his rivals on social media.

Now a new video of India’s prime minister pushing a member of his staff because he had come in between him and the camera is being fervently shared on twitter, Facebook and instant messaging platform WhatsApp.

The video has been shot during an event to make the classified files on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose public by PM Modi on Saturday (today).

Watch the video below



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  2. Lokeshna Ek Atti Bhayankr Assadhy Bimari Hei Jo Lg Jaye Tou Aakhiri Saans Tk Peecha Nhi Chodti Aur Janney Kya Kya Karwatti Hei . A Dreaded Desease to Stay in the Lime Light is a dangerous Vice that Tags till the Last Breadth and commits one do impossible Blunders funny and too mocking too at times. Blunder


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