Photo of PM Modi cleaning floor using broom was photoshopped, confirms RTI reply


Remember the famous black-and-white photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding a broom and cleaning floor going viral?

Modi received plenty of admiration as his supporters used this image to drive home a point about his humble upbringing.

The photo went viral as the BJP supporters used this in their election materials in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls.

However, a new RTI reply has revealed that the said image was photoshopped and the prime minister had never held broom or worn the torn khadi clothes depicted in the photo.

modi ch-compressed

The RTI reply says, “…It is stated while the information sought does not form part of records, it may be noted that the said photograph is morphed and the person in the photo is not Mr Narendra Modi.”

The Ahmedabad-based activist, who had filed RTI told, “We all know that Modi saheb spent so much money to win the election. To win the election, his party even used morphed photo and it was widely circulated by andh bhakt (blind supporters) or paid bhakt. That’s precisely what promoted to file an RTI request to cross verify if the photo was genuine.”

modi new fake-compressed

Questions were raised in the past about the authenticity of the photo but there was never no conclusive evidence to suggest if it was morphed.

The RTI reply finally establishes the truth.

  • Abhishek Khandelwal

    LOL, So AAP newsletter stood with Hit job. Interesting part is:
    1. Name of authority not mentioned who replied on RTI
    2. RTI activist name not mentioned
    3. Reply to RTI is always facts – “No record available” It can never it probability which is reported here.

    Bluster AAP guys, Enjoy your 5 seconds of fame..

    • I have seen the rti reply.I have a copy.

    • Ashok

      The name of authority is mentioned there on the letter. Check the signed part.

      Please Enjoy your dumbness.

      • Abhishek Khandelwal

        Good way to find image morphing. LOL!
        Let me know the RTI question and details, I too want to find some morphed pics

        • Ashok

          1. Take a picture of Modi.
          2. Write to PMO with an RTI application.
          3. Your Question must read something like this : “Dear Sir ! Please tell us in if this picture of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is AUTHENTIC or NOT.

          Any more “Spoon Feeding” ?
          How do you close the sentence? By writing..”LOL” ?
          LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL or simply ROFL !!!!!
          [ Do you know how to approach PMO ? Please don’t look for that in Ahmedabad or Varanasi.]

          • Manish

            Chutia AAPtards… Fake News and morphed letter of RTI reply…

          • Ashok

            Itching Gggandu,

            Dard ho raha hai ?

    • Sanuj S.S

      This news itself is fake. How can RTI check the authenticity of a photograph which was used in a political party’s campaign ? In that case, I have hundreds of photographs for which I want to see if it was morphed or not. If I can get it done at 10 Rs. per piece , it’s a good deal. We have so many other burning issues in this country. But the media and most of the activists are after this kind of silly issues.

      • Rock

        How can this be silly issue when Modi came to power using these very same images for fooling the innocent voters sympathy?

        • Sanuj S.S

          Use your common sense. Can you use RTI to check authenticity of a picture ?

        • RK Sandhu

          How stupid can you be to think that majority people are going to vote a PM based on a photo. People voted him because they saw how he build Gujarat and the fact that he is not corrupted and has not looted India the way Congress dogs did and neither did he fool anyone like AAPtards did by increasing their MLA’s salary by 400%. Apptards did not even do any work but they decided to increase their salaries. Wah, great. Stupid Delhites,

    • Prem Rou

      (1) Central Public Information Officer Name is Sri Pushpendra Kumar Sharma and not some Sri B K Roy.
      (2) All the reply by PMO office is listed at PMO site . Check PMO site, if the reply quoted above does not appear there, then be sure that the letter above is actually photo shopped and fraud .

    • Prem Rou

      The news is first posted on Janta ka Reporter and rest are just relaying it in a choreographed manner with malicious intention.
      (1) The name of Central Public Information Officer is not B K Roy. His name is Pushpendra Kumar Sharma.
      (2) All RTI reply by PMO office is listed at PMO site. This reply does not appear there.

  • Vipul Hindocha Ifa

    At least a RTI gave the right information…..guess what would a RTI on the Education & Passport of Pappu Sena would reveal…..growup guys

    • Ashok

      How about you filing an RTI about Modi’s education ?

      You might grow up a lot more while waiting for the reply !!!

      • Manish

        The dept refused to divulge information on Modi’s educational qualification. It has already been tried..

        • Sridharan

          Are you finding any employment for modiji.He is far better than any foreign returned educationalists.

          • Rock

            Better for what? For bluffing?

          • RK Sandhu

            If you are not able to see all he has done since becoming the PM, then you must be blind or a jealous AAPtard or congi dog.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Feku does not even reply to RTI query when he was CM of the most developed state lol. His own state rejected his wife’s RTI query and she reportedly said she fears for her life.

    • Abhishek Khandelwal

      And you believed that his dept will reply that image is fake 🙂

  • Bhoop

    Bahut bada teer Mar diya ….
    Yar apni energy kahi sahi jagah use karo …
    Ab to kaam karne do

    • Ashok

      Tu Apni energy yahan use kar raha hai ! Kya mast sahi jagah hai !!!

      • Unknown

        Tum jaise chutiyon ki wajah se Rahul Gandhi chal rahe hai….

        • Ashok

          Unknown Sakha Ggaaandu!
          Dekh woh chikna tera baap ka 56″ ko 5.6″ karke rakh diya hai!

  • Vineet Menon

    How is this information available with the government? Wasn’t it the BJP who morphed the pictures. How can government reply to an RTI query of which it had no information to start with?

    • Shib Shankar Sikder

      It is stupid to put RTI on such things, it was fake beyond doubt from mere common sense….common practice by BJP supporters, just need to be ignored.

  • Manohar Sharma

    so whats new He himself accepted in a public meet.

  • vikas

    Two things to note. The picture has always been a photoshop work beyond doubt. No RTI was needed to prove it. Is it not obvious? The second error is you cannot RTI any non-govt work. So the reply is also wrong unless GOI itself sponsored making this pic, which it did not.

  • P.V.A.Sarma

    After watching the photo of respected Prime Minister Modigi’s photo cleaning floor using a broom, my respect towards Modiji has further further increased.From the earlier days Modiji underwent lot of struggle and suffering which churned his mind and made him aJnani.Yes I am once again saying that he is a true Jnani I personally feel.I openly declare that I am one of the biggest fans of Modiji.Further I will remain a fan of Modiji forever irrespective of his position.

  • Shamsul Islam

    In photshopped image Modi looks like Hitler & Golwalkar.

  • Bhanu Sharma Solan

    Reveal the people with fake Passports and ID’s who use it for unhealthy acts, Don’t Blame a person who is already doing a lot for the Nation. I’m not taking about this pic but Modi ji might have surely done it in his past, he struggled a lot, a person who sells tea on a station does not have servants to clean his house.
    I do not now why you people are allergic to development .

  • Ashokchohan

    Fake news of sickular gangsters . The AAPturds !

  • venkataUS

    AAP and Kejriwal are doing all types tricks to defame Mr Modi.

  • Abhinav Kumar

    Tomar (AAP Ex Minister) related to his degree was also show a RTI (actually fake) document to Kejriwal for the proof of degree and based on that kejriwal believed on Tomar. Same statement is made by Kejruuu. So these people have experties to misuse the documents in the name of RTI Act 2005.

  • Zindadil

    Modi’s humility is just like shi$, stays, stinks and people stay away from it

  • u radhakrishnan

    Why was there not a denial when the photo was going viral