Photo of PM Modi cleaning floor using broom was photoshopped, confirms RTI reply


Remember the famous black-and-white photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding a broom and cleaning floor going viral?

Modi received plenty of admiration as his supporters used this image to drive home a point about his humble upbringing.

The photo went viral as the BJP supporters used this in their election materials in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls.

However, a new RTI reply has revealed that the said image was photoshopped and the prime minister had never held broom or worn the torn khadi clothes depicted in the photo.

The RTI reply says, “…It is stated while the information sought does not form part of records, it may be noted that the said photograph is morphed and the person in the photo is not Mr Narendra Modi.”

The Ahmedabad-based activist, who had filed RTI told, “We all know that Modi saheb spent so much money to win the election. To win the election, his party even used morphed photo and it was widely circulated by andh bhakt (blind supporters) or paid bhakt. That’s precisely what promoted to file an RTI request to cross verify if the photo was genuine.”

Questions were raised in the past about the authenticity of the photo but there was never no conclusive evidence to suggest if it was morphed.

The RTI reply finally establishes the truth.

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