Nitish Kumar reveals Prashant Kishor’s appointment as number two in JDU was Amit Shah’s idea


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has sensationally revealed that the decision to appoint Prashant Kishor as his second-in-command was the brainchild of BJP President Amit Shah. He said that Shah had phoned him twice to appoint Kishor as his number two in the party.

Prashant Kishor
(PTI File Photo)

“Amit Shah phoned me twice to induct Prashant Kishor in the JDU,” Kumar told news channel ABP adding that the election strategist was not new to his party. “He’s not new to us. He worked with us in the 2015 assembly elections. He was busy somewhere else for some time, but I am very attached to Prashant Kishor.”

Kishor had officially joined the politics last year by formally associating himself with the JDU. He hads run Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign in 2014 before helping the JDU-RJD-Congress alliance in 2015 assembly elections in Bihar.

Taking a potshot at Kumar’s revelation, RJD leader and former deputy chief minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav asked if Amit Shah was running the JDU in Bihar. In his sarcastic tweet, Tejashwi taunted, “Finally Nitish Kumar admits that JDU is advanced version of BJP therefore he is giving all important organisational posts except him to the people chosen by Sh. Amit Shah.”

Tejashwi also linked Kishor’s induction in the ruling JDU at the behest of Shah to the rise in ‘mob lynchings’ and ‘state sponsored crimes’ in Bihar under the JDU-BJP government. He asked, “Hope now you understand,Why Mob Lynchings & State Sponsored Crimes have become a routine practice in Bihar?”

Kumar’s JDU had fought the 2015 assembly elections against the BJP in an alliance with the RJD and the Congress. However, he later stunned his alliance partners by severing ties with his old allies to form a new government with the BJP, a party that he had defeated in the 2015 elections.


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